Who To Follow To Get Updates on Cryptocurrency

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I made this list to show you guys how I get information about cryptocurrency and some of the key people that I follow.

Who To Follow To Get Updates on Cryptocurrency

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  1. Hey man, I just started creating crypto content too, I admire how frequently you put out videos! Thanks for all the tips.

  2. Altcoin Buzz is where I get all most of my news, updates and opinionsI’ve been subbed for just over a month, you guys are awesome and always have the most informative videos and out of all my crypto subs, I watch and listen to your vids everyday because they are the most useful to me. Really appreciate all of your guys effort for giving up to date info, multiple vids per day and what I feel to be unbiased and realistic opinions and info. Keep it up guys, you’ll have 100k subs in no time at all. I dont get much money to invest into crypto, but whatever spare cash I have, it goes into crypto because I know that this is the future of finances and money. If anyone wants to help me out, my friend and I want to purchase some crypto ATMs and set them up in some very tactical locations in our city, as there are literally 5 BTMs in Perth which is not much for a city of almost 2 milliún duine, and we want to really get crypto into the community here, as Perth is set to be one of the first ‘smart citiesin the world. We are really keen on this and are very much business and action minded people , so we would love some donations, so if you are willing to help us out we would really appreciate it so much. 163MTNocmzwCX5fiGBxjjLX3heWqSFv2EW

  3. coin mastery and crypto genius are great youtubers. The first is great with macro level and psychology, and the second is good for technical analysis.

  4. Restarted using Twitter after 9 years or something. Followed you right away!!

    Twitter finally has a use!!


  5. Coinbase must be in overload. They stopped buying and selling at the moment.. It has dropped a little.

  6. i really love how u keep us updated and always helping us with more and more knowledge, i am really happy i follow you!!!! Thanks Alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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