What is EOS? Is it a good investment?

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EOS…..Is it really going to be the Ethereum Killer?

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What is EOS? Is it a good investment?

37 tuairimí

  1. ethereum cant scale, it will end up being a high priced store of value that rich ppl will use to trade high volumes, EOS will be fast free and next gen ppl will use it because its free and no company can compete with a free service.

  2. This is true will be like BTC and Litecoin or any of the other currency alternatives

  3. EOS, Dan Larimer and Team are way ahead. They are taking their time and will provide an excellent service to the DE-centralized community. They’re offering the token on the Ether platform and will transition to their own chain at the right time!

  4. This is a developing economy. Ethereum is running. As Dan Larimer has said, for Ethereum to adequately change and adopt this revolutionary EOS platform architecture, it would be like trying to change the motor while it’s running

  5. Antshares $NEO$ it will be like new etherium. Etherium price was at 10usd and rise till 400usd. Same will be with Neo its great time to buy it and hold. Low circulation supply , now it is in top 10 , great dev team , it will be bomb

  6. the fact that the EOS tokens are ERC20 tokens on the etheruem network and are NOT going to be used on the EOS platform scares me, its basically useless.

  7. i asked my exchange, and they said to leave with them, nothing to worry about as they have key & will do change over. Ask your exchange if they offer same deal

  8. can you do another video looking more into their tokens being used as emmision, ie. paying for hosting apps on the platformthey can also be rented out from what i understand

  9. Lark can you make a video about how to register the EOS tokens. I bought my tokens through shapeshift and did not go through the ico process. I’m not sure what to do with my tokens now. Go raibh maith agat

  10. Dia duit Criptithe Lark, is it possible to compare these 4, all of which are designed for very high number of transactions per second. They are: EOS, Hashgraph (not released yet, its a new project), Tangle IOTA & red belly cryptocurrency (new invention by University of Sydney team).

  11. Is ea,.. this is why I ask experts like you :). This Hashgraph is not blockchain,,,. I have heard its similar to tangle but I don’t have the tech background to understand in depth.. The creators of hashgraph have just patented their techI am on their telegram group..

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