What is Decred? Is it time to invest?

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Is there room for another crypto in the space?

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What is Decred? Is it time to invest?

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  1. How are you not at 10k subscribers yet? I follow a lot of crypto tubers and none are up to par with you man. Keep on keepn on. chomh maith leis sin, I found out I could still buy IOTA all the way up until they cut me off since I had an account. Also also, go LISK!

  2. did you miss hard fork voting?, with all this BTC fork drama I’m surprised this is not highlighted

  3. Couple things: Decred’s governance is built into to the code. When you stake, you get a vote. Automatic hardforks can happen based on voting. There is about to be a proposal system launched for contractors which also uses dcrTime stamping. I would check out the slack channel, lots of things happening and check out https://thedecreddigest.com/ for history and the direction of the project. There is nothing like Decred at this time, it’s not just another cryptocurrency. People who hold coins control its future, not miners.

  4. I signed up for the Airdrop, setup my wallet and let Decred know the address and then forgot about it. Today I came across my seed, I downloaded the wallet and restored it to find 282+ Decred with a value of over $7,500. Thank you Decred.

  5. JD5084 so glad to see this comment. This video unfortunately is pretty bad. No offense to Crypto Lark but it really seems like no research was done prior to this video.

  6. Love Decred! It’s going to be huge. They have been doing really well. I stake with Decred and get huge rewards.

  7. Thanks for the feedback Oliver. This is some of my older content, I hope that the quality of my reviews has improved with time

  8. Top-tier development team. They are the guys who built BTCsuite and left once they foresaw the problems that would plague bitcoin for its lack of governance.

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