What is Binance? Time to get involved?

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Binance is the new kid in the exchange game !
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Go raibh maith agat chun breathnú ar!
le do thoil Is maith, liostáil, agus a roinnt má fuair tú an úsáideach!

What is Binance? Time to get involved?

42 tuairimí

  1. I love your take on all the coins ….Can you look at BITBAY for me and give your take on this one…..
    Its a great idea and it worksI signed up to move my Ebay store to this platformnow im thinking about investing
    Great work on the videos….keep it up.

  2. Thanks for talking about this coin. Great job!!! I’m all in on this coin, I think it will reach US$1 billion by end of the year.

  3. Binance coin!!! Its already in usea legit company and gives dividends….. I scooped up a bunch!!

  4. nice vid again .. :-)What do you think about Pillar ? Seems like a nice project. Great team for example.

  5. i think this is a good coin but i think you have a lack of knowledge about how it works and why its a good investment

  6. Help appreciated!!!

    Anyone can help me understand how to fill up this field when i want to withdraw some alt to my ether wallet:


    I suppose the address is the one provided by the ether wallet but what does the label mean?

  7. Hi bud. Great vid. Heads up! Always say this is my personal thoughts not investment tips to protect yourself against anyone.

  8. Matteo Scarciolla read about it. Looks very interesting with the visa card. It’s down today. Is there any good news coming up you know of? Go raibh maith agat

  9. Ralph de Wagt hi bud. I found this written by :sy5errora
    the founder of Pillar was an investor and cheerleader for Lykke and is now stealing Lykke’s idea, everything about it. he even wrote a few blog posts for Lykke’s site. it’s clear to me that this project was thrown together in order to collect some quick ico money. I wouldn’t trust it. Plus, there is an advisor on his team that is a known troll on many other projects’s Slack chats. website looks like it was thrown together very quickly and looks amateur. steer clear of this one folks

  10. I think u have one of the best channels on crypto ….really clear no b sand great insights …..v impressed man …..thumbs up

  11. The Crypto Lark Actually, that doesn’t need to be said to protect yourself legally. The only legal issue you MIGHT face would be if you said you WERE a financial advisor, soYou’re good.

  12. Kurt Kurtsen hi bud. How do you keep up to date, meaning where you find the info. Much thanks

  13. The Crypto Lark Thanks buddy. I’m considering investing in either or both of them. Would greatly appreciate your opinion. Thanks for all the awesome other vids to date! I’m a newb and invested in a few of your suggestions alreadyhopefully it all pays off long term because I think I jumped in at the wrong time!

  14. every screencap of coinmarketcap on youtube looks sooooo old cos the prices are so lowLOL. Mar fhocal scoir: if you hold any coins you win.

  15. I’ve had nothing but a good experience with Binance. Coin works great, really easy to use. Seems undervalued compared to many of the other coins out there.

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