What is 0x Protocol ZRX? Ethereum Based Token Exchange

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Many of you in the AltCoinArmy have been asking us to look into 0x, and we finally did.

This project looks like a promising way to allow application developers to build their programs on the Ethereum platform without having to rely on the normal processors and costs associated with trading on the Ethereum blockchain.

chomh maith, like the Lightning protocol, this will (and does) make Ethereum more scalable as it goes mainstream. Transactions of exchanges can take place off the blockchain through 0x liquidity pools.

What is 0x Protocol ZRX? Ethereum Based Token Exchange

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  1. Waiting on updates on those guys. They completed the $CV2 burn, and hoping to hear that they complete the COLX burn for the tokens that were placeholder for the $CV2 people who didn’t convert. -Steve

  2. Steve can you do a review of Bulwark (BWK)? They have a really good web page and the white paper looks good.

  3. Altcoin Buzz yea man the COLX burn and the listing is tomorrow and I got in right when you made the video and I been waiting for the follow up video along with everyone on the twitter and reddit and discord and I’m a developer( remote Hawaii) and I become a contributor

  4. Out of thousands of altcoins out there, Substratum, quantstamp and chainlink are by far the most feasible and solid projects on the long run

  5. I can understand how overwhelming the market is plus the pump and dump trap that people fall into. I would recommend that everyone creates short list of currencies that he is interested in (7-10), then do some research and pick 3-4 max to invest in. Do not overwhelm yourself. Altbuzz team is doing great job by providing a thorough research about some of the altcoins but you still need to do ur homework 🙂 good luck all and thank you altbuzz team for ur informative videos!

  6. Thanks for talking about my baby! Love me some ZRX. Gonna be a monster. I love the consistent updates the team provides on Twitter and always making progress.

  7. Altcoin Buzz do u like quantstamp? How far this could go in ur opinion? I just got 8200 qsp yesterday 🙂

  8. The ipo price was i think around $0.05-0.10. Post ipo I think it fell around that price as well within EtherDelta. It was definitely overlooked. Only a few youtubers caught it early on. 0X really downplayed the publicity on purpose and tried not to hype themselves up. They learned from the Status ICO failure.

  9. Good chance they will get something going with Goldman Sachs who are to open a crypto desk Q1/Q2

  10. ZRX founder sits on the board of directors at coinbase and it is rumored to be the next one for real getting added to coinbase

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