This Country Prefers Bitcoin Over Its Own Currency! – An lae inniu Criptithe News

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Sa físeán seo, Mattie talks about what's going on in the world of crypto and blockchain tech. He talks about Turks shifting from Lira to BTC as well as news about mining. Tá sé seo le teascán laethúil!
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This Country Prefers Bitcoin Over Its Own Currency! – Today's Crypto News

30 tuairimí

  1. Omg Beast mode he will come back for the next bull run dont expect to see him much until then (i would guess)

  2. Jeff only posts when things are up now cause y’all hate too much and blame him. You think if he had control it would EVER go down?

  3. Every couple weeks during a major blood bath I buy ETH and LTC. I want to keep ETH but I HAVE to buy up these alt coin deals. If and when ETH gets into the 100-200 dollar range ill start keeping it.

  4. I like the channel but don’t really think that reading the articles to me is effective. Make a quick mention of the article and then move onto your opinions or interpretations of key points and facts, I can read it on my own.

  5. Just before 6:00 min you said that gold is scarce! What? No it’s not scarce at all. You have never heard of ‘paper gold’? It is a symbol of real gold and the supply is infinite! It satisfies all demand so the price CANNOT rise! Bitcoin is truly scarce and so pet rock holders (of gold) are selling it and buying bitcoin! Gold has no value today! It is counterfeited in a few ways, tungsten centers, gold plating and ‘paper gold’. You are also probably not aware that there are 1,000 paper gold contracts for every physical gold contracts, so the investors are clueless as to how the infinite supply of ‘paper goldaffects price! Why are altcoins falling faster than bitcoin? Supply! Some coins have tens of billions of tokens and when all of them are offered for sale at once, like in a crisis, the price quickly goes to $0

  6. Because they are not dropping lira over btc. Turkey has a population of 80 m and I bet even %5 knows what btc really is. This news is bs. Sorry.

  7. BackToConstitution Gold, Real gold is relatively scace.

    Paragraphs might be something for you to try.

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