Ripple XRPThe Big Money Machine

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Ripple and the XRP ledger aim to bring global payment solutions for major financial institutions in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Let's explore how it works and what the differences and concerns are.

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Ripple XRPThe Big Money Machine

34 tuairimí

  1. I don‘t understand why people hating XRP because of the banks and at the same time hoping for institutional investors for BTC price to increase

  2. There is/was a lot of confusion about Ripple and XRP, which obviously is an explanation for the rise of XRP.. thanks for the good explanation what its all about 🙂

  3. I’ve been saying this for a long timeHate it or love it, if regulations step in, XRP will be one of the survivors.

  4. Great Video, even for an XRP holder. lol. One thing though, the successful piloting of XRP results have recently come out with many more to come. Point is, XRP is new. It just got out of Beta as of 1 week ago. Banks are and will be using XRP, they are actually waiting on the product to finalize.

  5. Oh, and the SBI Exchange going live, using only XRP pairings, could have been mentioned. This will have an impact on price.

  6. When you say that xrp cannot be used by the public only the banks you are wrong man hate to tell you this.

  7. For the bank Haters. Why not look at it like this. If you invest now when the banks start buying it up they will be the ones GIVING YOU THE MONEY. Itsyour chance to actually take back some money for the retail investor’s.

  8. Thank you for dispelling this myth that XRP is always going to be centralised. For those that missed it, for every two new independent nodes that join the network, XRP shuts one of their nodes down.

  9. So much negativity towards ripple XRP, and I’m loving it. Can’t wait to see your faces down the line when XRP is being used and IT WILL BE USED. Is ripple XRP different then ripple, sure. But xrp is ripples defense system, its machine gun. Institutions are testing it out as we speak so do your homework before commenting.

  10. I love when people distinguish the Ripple software from the XRP token. So many people think they’re synonymous. I can’t blame them I guess, CMC makes them to be the same thing.

  11. One extra bit of info missed in the reviewXrapid has just finished beta and is live internally and should see a public launch soon

  12. dinakar marella When Clark removes his glasses he becomesdah dada dadah, dah dah dahdah dada dadahSuperman!

  13. Brilliant breakdown on ripple for those that don’t know what ripple is about. I have few XRP just in case the banksters take it up and use XRP one day,got a family and retirement to think about.
    Thx for a great vid

  14. xRapid just went out to production so obviously now it’s going to start to be implemented in institutions for one real reason it’s going to save a lot of money to banks and make them more efficient.

  15. PrimeDrift You clearly don’t understand what XRapid is going to do once officially launched. Please do your research into it and the 150 plus partners Ripple has lined up. Even if 10% of the partners use XRapid XRP will already be the most used crypto in real world use case. Im betting more than 50% of the partners will use XRapid because if they don’t they will be left behind. XRapid will save institutions up to 70% on transactions and do it in like 1-4 soicind. XRapid uses XRP to settle the payments and is way better than XCurrent which most are using now and only saves about 30% per transactions.

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