Ripple Price Up Over .50 After Japan and Korean Banks News

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News comes out of the Nikkei Asian Review, banks in Japan and South Korea will begin testing blockchain technology with RippleNet,

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Ripple Price Up Over .50 After Japan and Korean Banks News

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  1. you guys always take profits.. instead of just hodl.. it gives you much more back with my strategy ! i did 15x my whole portfolio with just hodl 🙂 i don’t sell until the signs for a bubble get serious !

  2. remember my words Ripple will go to 1-2$ i 2018 ! don’t sell for short profits.. intinn ! Ripple will bury the SWIFT system forever !

  3. Can you do a video on your losses & when you pulled out? I’m sure every investment isn’t a winner.

  4. When is it possible for Coinbase to add Ripple? I’m on Bittrex and its pretty confusing on how to buy Ripple with bTC..

  5. Jeffrey,

    Can you take a look at #LEND and their new listing and Partnership with Change. Go raibh maith agat. Good Vids.

  6. tomski thechamp
    I’m with you on this. I buy and HODL my coins. 2-5 years minimum. I learned that holding is the best thing long term.

  7. IMO, you are better investing into LTC instead of most of those other alts. LTC WILL be over 3k by mid 2018, and you will NOT see that type of growth or gains in other alts. Don’t get me wrong, having a diversified portfolio is smart, but the potential is greater and the long term reward is better just holding instead of all of this moving around, srl. IMO.

  8. Flip flopping between cryptos CAN be profitable but it can also be a great way to lose money

    bitcoin isn’t NECESSARILY steadily rising. It’s at all time highs now, and long overdue for a correction

  9. Every time I have sold for profits, I would have been better off just hodling, except once….Decided to just hold now for a few years as well.

  10. rePlayJapan I pulled out of ada at 3% woke up it was 70%then went up to 150% HUGE LESSON LEARNED early onvery thankful

  11. why would you sell ripple? Its one of the only cryptos that has a real use case that actually works and is backed by huge banks. Ripples future is bright, you are a fool to sell, Hodl.

  12. kommi1974 false. Stellar XLM went up 16,000% just this year. Way more than litecoin this year and what litecoin can do next year. I’m invested in litecoin just saying the coins that are under a dollar that ofc have potential n good market cap can do more

  13. Beerwhat more to tell……..banks r slowly jumping on and Korea and Japan have and why not China too, and there r allot of banks in China
    ….unless someone can tell me who’s blockchain platform China’s banks will adopt?

  14. same, i made about 150% profit, if i hadn’t traded and just held on I would have had 400%+ i 3 míonna

  15. Bro, nobody can be very sure about bubble condition of crypto. As of now, everyone has got their own predictions that BTC bubble will burst soon. Bursting of a bubble is a crypto crashing. The reason behind crashing depends upon lots of factors like if the majority of investors traders and miners switch from BTC to Ripple or othe crypto then you will see BTC crashing and Ripple shooting to moon.
    For signs of bubble, you will see downtrends or continuously decreasing graph. Here, it might be a dip or a crash difference is crash will be the lowest value it can reach and dip has to be less and is expected to rise.
    Research, keep eye on roadmap of crypto you invest in, follow people with better predictions, at last i would suggest don’t put all your money into one crypto, diversify it.

  16. I have 60% of my portfolio in Litecoin. I will eventually have 80% Litecoin and 20% Bitcoin. From personal use experience in sending and receiving all major coins, the Litecoins were the fastest and cheapest in transactions. I believe Litecoins will become the most dominant crypto coins within 5 blianta.

  17. Good point, but I’m just a believer in the LTC and it will roll next year. Altsare fun, because nobody really knows what one is going to be the sleeper. I do have hold some key positions in Iota, Cordano and Ripple to. Slí amháin nó slí, we can all get rich within 5 blianta. 🙂

  18. Rohan Shah….what does that actually mean? what is ldc? what is novert? Is that a crypto-pervert?

  19. Too many suppliesWhen it maxed out, the most it will reach is 3 dollar… If you got in at even 10 chun 20 cent.. You’ll bank hardI know people who has already quadruple their profitsFunny when I hear people think Ripple will reach bitcoin price.. The only currency that will probably reach bitcoin price is bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Euthereum, Dash, Neo….

  20. David Kthe banks do a trillion dollars a day in transactions. I Don’t think Ripple has enough, you mean right?

  21. Donald is your buddy.. Their circulating supply is 39 billion.. Their max supply is 100 billiún… Do the mathI’ll be surprised if ripple will be worth any more than 5 dollars..

  22. David K ..if the banks use XRP they do 1 trillion a day in transactions..that’s 365 trillion a year divided by 100 billiún…the total circulation. It equals 3650 per XRP or if they only have 39 billion that they use XRP would be 9358.97 per XRP. That’s my point.

  23. Yea somebody got some explaining to do, I think it might have something to do with the power in the blockchain

  24. I got out of bitcoin unless it starts a clear upswing and hold momentum.

    I managed to sell out of bitcoin, ride ltc to 330 and sell out and into xrp @.25

    Easily been my best ever week trading, will end up being my best month too. Been great.

  25. Cole G exactly! No idea why he is still putting money into bitcoin its finishedits no way near effective or efficient than alt coins

  26. Exactly .. BitCoin is like dial-up internet and Litecoin is like broadband.. i traded a lot of various cryptos.. and some of the cheapest and fastest in my experience are litecoin LTC and digibytes DGB .. cheap transactions and super fast processing time.

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