Ripple Getting Added To Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange DMM

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The massively popular Japanese entertainment site has announced that it will be opening a new Bitcoin Exchange on January 10th, and will including 6 other cryptocurrencies initially.

Ripple (XRP) will be one of the altcoins added to the exchange, which could make it more readily accessible to more people within the Japanese market.

Even though DMM does not currently exchange cryptocurrency, this is a sign of it becoming a more mainstream idea for big businesses. People in Japan will be able to exchange in and out of the Japanese Yen (JPY) and Ripple tokens.

Ripple Getting Added To Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange DMM

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  1. Japan is hugely going into the Crypto spaceclose to a dozen new exchanges approved by the FSA in the last month

  2. Coin market cap changed their listing on xrp that why it dumpedGo look at the markets on ripple there are * next to the Korean exchanges

  3. Please do a video about Modum! It is blowing up and the army needs to know now before its too late

  4. Attention Alt Coin Army! Go to Appc website and check them out! They’re not on coin market cap yet. They should be very soon. Its on Binance and it’s on sale right now!

  5. hey how you doing jeff? i been following you for long time and thank you for your head work man. can you talk about linda coin plz. i think its going grow really fast.

  6. Appcoins just got added to Binance yesterday. Not even on CMC yet. Would love your takes on it. Small circulating supply and already hooked into Aptoide.

  7. Appcoins has a lot of potential; just seeing their already established background. check them out!

  8. Can you do a video about APPC ? Just released on Binance and in 24 hours it had way more volume than xrp . Moon mission ?

  9. This is a perfect example of why I like Steve. He always exhibits clarity of thought and in just a few minutes covers an entire subject eloquently and without hesitation. Great work mate, keep them coming.

  10. They’re submitting applications and licenses to the UK Gambling Commission for their remit Gambling software License this month if they haven’t done so already. They’ll also be attending ICE gaming (huge convention) where they’ll increase awareness! It’s going to get big time increases soon

  11. APPC is completely legitimate based on it’s tech and team behind it!! Massively undervalued imo, won’t be long before it’s $10+ easy

  12. Raiblocks has come out of nowhere and 40x it’s size in a month. and bad luck bryan wants to say 300M MC is too much for APPCoins, absolute fooool

  13. They add 7 coins to their exchange one of them is ripple. So no need to scream only about ripple. The founder of Ripple of ripple has 35% of the total supply . bad vid.

  14. And litecoin next on the public use aspect. Ethereum doing great. Did anyone try out the newBraveweb browser on the Ethereum network? Or the “BAT” tokens for advertising on it?

  15. Pro proit doesn’t really matter, because you can always sell your Ethereum for BTC or dollars…. but I wouldn’t plan on selling Ethereum anytime soon.

  16. Litepay card no joke and partnerships being made. Looks like bitcoin/litecoin will be the first to widespread everyday purchasing. That litepay card allows direct deposit of paychecks into litecoin. Watch out.

  17. A lot of good coins…. many will explode. MANA isn’t badand BAT looks like a good one. Try the Brave browserthe first browser on the Ethereum network. Its nice…. those BAT tokens are for advertisers to buy advertising with…. the system all open sourced and you as an end user gets paid in BAT tokens (very small amount) for watching the ads if you choose to. The content producers, whether they be a youtube channel or website you visit, get paid directly in BATs too…. no middle advertising. And with the BATs you buy or earn, you can tip websites, youtube users, srl… or buy premium content on down the line when more websites work with the Brave platform on the Ethereum network. Or at any time, you can choose not ads at all…..and web browsing is much faster without loading ads and trackers. Or sit around all day watching advertisements and sell your BATS to advertisers on an exchange.

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