Reviewing my Electric Car! 2013 Chevy Volt

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Here it is!

Reviewing my Electric Car! 2013 Chevy Volt

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  1. If that’s the original orange cabled EVSE the dealer should trade it out for you, they would over heat and come apart at the plug area. My dealership replaced mine no questions asked even though I bought my 2012 used from a Honda dealer.

  2. @techcrackhouse how does you car drive at 40 k versus when you first got it? Considering buying a used one for myself.

  3. +G Brown Hey! Sorry for the late response. It still drives exceptionally well. Knock on wood, I guess! I would highly recommend it.

  4. Do you still have your Volt?? An updated review would be perfect. Cool tip I saw on another vid is if the battery in your remote ever gets low or goes out, there is a hidden key fob in the dashboard sunglasses storage area that would allow you to still start the car (by pressing the start button, not turning the key)

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