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Red Pulse the Steemit of Chinese financial advice ?

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Red Pulse RPX ICONeo's Baby

34 tuairimí

  1. A blockchain project based on compiling research relevant to the Chinese market. You can make money in this due to ICO hype, but based on what it is, I don’t see where anyone outside of China benefits from this other than by quickly dumping it post ICO.

  2. Binance is trying hard to promote its exchange and BNB coin. Lets see what price range we ll see in coming months. físeán iontach!

  3. Red Pulse are doing a research for foreign companies that want to invest in Chinese economy, that’s how everyone will benefit from it, if you want to invest in Chinese company, you’ll have a hard time doing the research yourself, that’s how these guys are going to help their economy grow, by providing a research for foreign investors..

  4. Love ya brotha! always stayin true. bout to re-watch all of your videos and take notes.
    I think its important to grid out all coins. (obviously important coins, speculative coins and tokens, and ICO’swould be a good place to start.) let me know if you have any advice, in organizing all this info. thanks again dude!

  5. An Lark Criptithe
    An 28 OCT it will start trading on Kucoin.
    Will you try to get a hold of it before it rockets up due to many people trying to get it?
    Or will you wait until it has a more stable price after a very volatile start?
    Thanks again for the videos 🙂

  6. Hey! Interesting question, to be honest not sure I will try to get this one after having missed the ICO, although there may very well be some big actions following the release. Probably best to watch for that dump and grab the dip! However being the first NEO ICO the market action may be quite unpredictable!

  7. I mo thuairim, you need to look deeper and invest in promising ICOs like Tokengo. Then there are more chances to earn a lot of X’s.

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