ontology – Decentralized Trust

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The team at Onchain are bringing us their latest creation, ontology. Ontology wants to set up a system for decentralized trust and ID.

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ontology – Decentralized Trust

36 tuairimí

  1. Another top notch upload! You’re gonna have to add to this video and do an in-depth review ofTheKey” Lark. Really low price and going to connect nicely with Neo/Ontology. It’s my pick for 2018. I think it’s a cracking project.

  2. Now all we have to do is trust the people that may have ties to an ID system that is centralised in a country that may watch this project closely, in charge of a trustless ID system. Just playing DevilsAdvocate.

  3. Nice video, keep following ONT I think it will be the crypto to watch in 2018. Not even any ‘big newsout on it yet. Just wait until then..

  4. Ontology sounds really neat, could be something to consider for a good tech service in the future, many neat things on the blockchains, btw keep up the good work sincerely loyal follower

  5. no problem, also not to spam at all, i left a msg and link on your fb, about something, thanks

  6. I hope all these companies are able to produce and implement their promises. My heads spinning. Mahalo Lark.

  7. Love that you did this. Because I got a free 0.50, I bought a few more. But during the past couple weeks of market insanity, ONT was one that I could actually day trade a bit! I didn’t know why it seemed to do its own thing, but I ran with it. So am happy to learn more about it all the way around! 🙂

  8. Thank you for this, Lark. I love your in-depth informational videos. I like ONT even more now. I should probably expand my position if the price comes back down.

  9. Barry Bignut there’s a new upload which explains in full. It’s here https://youtu.be/RtpzEU_n5kI I would still like the Lark to review the project too as I appreciate his views and honesty. He would also help get the word out regarding TheKey.

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