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Wall Street is FOMOing into Bitcoin! BTC and Cryptocurrency investments are a 'Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity' according to an article from Forbes. Mattie will also take a look at the latest from Telegram TON, Egypt lifting crypto ban, investing in stocks and etf's using cryptocurrency, bitcoin prediction from BitPay CCO as well as the latest from the world of blockchain technology.
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seo – #Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Investment A 'Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity'

Bitcoin Will Go Up More, Says Bitpay CCO

Bitcoin Will Go Up Even More, Says Bitpay CCO

Wallstreet has a big appetite for Bitcoin

Wall Street Bitcoin FOMO: Grayscale Gobbling Up 21% of Newly Mined BTC

#Telegram TON Testnet release

#Blockchain at its Best. The Technology is Now Used for National Archives

Blockchain at its Best. The Technology is Now Used for National Archives

Jump in Cryptocurrencies Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg, BitPay's Singh Says

ARCHANGEL: Securing our National Archives with AI and blockchain

Invest in Stocks and ETF's using crypto

Bitcoin [BTC]: Abra launches feature enabling investment in stocks and ETFs using crypto

Egypt Lifts Cryptocurrency Ban

Egypt Lifts Ban, Will Allow Licensed Cryptocurrency Companies

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Once in a LIFETIME OpportunityBitcoin and Cryptocurrency! WALL STREET – criptithe News

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  2. Vatos Locos No definitely not….. Steem will surly pass $10 in the future but this weekend alone we will go past $0.65

  3. Jasper if you look on binance you will I’m definitely NOT wrong I’ve been in this market for a long time ….. I’m just doing it to get more XRP but Steem is TRULY a huge sleeping giant

  4. you are right. the rewards in crypto are good. but will take.time to reach that. its all.about patience and devotion. the main answer wont come.tomorrow as crypto is still.new and envolving

  5. wall street is cranking the finanical media machine. Looks like they are not saying ‘who rhymes with Bitcoin… ” anymore lol

  6. Once everyone FOMO’s in we smart ones sell at the top. I see that around 10,500 where I have my sell orders.

  7. As much as I want a major bullrun to happen I don’t think we’re there yet. I think we’re going to see a 30% chun 40% correction across the board in the coming months. We’re still technically in a bear market, don’t forget that.

  8. Eyez Wideopen WHAT! I said I’m “BUYING STEEM AT CURRENT LEVELS” and “HOLDING” until it goes up in value to increase my position in another coin…. definitely not selling Steem right now sir 🙄 I took a position as a hedge

  9. +Derek Uptrends only go so far in a bear market. I’d be surprised if we break $10k before heading back down through a major correction. I’m as much a bull as everyone else but I have to be skeptical and I think we’re still a ways off from that parabolic bull run that we’re all anticipating where coins make anywhere between 10x to 100x gains.

  10. Smart!! ,I see everyone fomo right now like in 2017 jajaja what is funny is that all influencers went on vacation in the winter and now they are back, now is the time to unsubscribe from them jaja

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