NEO vs EthereumFull Explanation | Udemy Cryptocurrency Education Course Association

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This video explains the difference between NEO and Ethereum. Here are some things that you should know before you ever invest in either. We also talk about a new association with a crypto course to break down cryptocurrency and simplify it for you. Marcus, our newest member will be making more educational videos for you.


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NEO vs EthereumFull Explanation | Udemy Cryptocurrency Education Course Association

37 tuairimí

  1. So far the new guy sounds like he actually know his stuff.
    Hopefully The market come back and we can start making a killing again.

  2. Gustafson is my family name. Swedish too. NEO fan since antshares days. This was a very concise video. Go raibh maith agat.

  3. This guy is talking exactly what I would like to hear more about. I need more education and someone like this will bring that to the table. Good job team.

  4. Been going in on neo since Nov. I see the potential in this and it is HUGE! $1k easily by end of 2018. And you can book that!

  5. Donald Aguirre 100%. So many are new to this world and need to be walked through and not skimmed over these major technologies of change.

  6. Excellent job MackanRules, please be very careful with further academic pursuits, you might be too brilliant for university, least they dumb you down.

  7. jon klause..I hope you own NEO. Even at this price, I think it’s a bargain. Speaking of bargains, I learned about BTC at $3. I also went through all the ups, downs, MT GOX fiasco, srl. Ppl are fortunate to be getting in now. There wasn’t a crypto community back then.

  8. I like this dude. He’s calm, logical, non bias, and dosent feel like he would get all emotionally caught up with sheet.

  9. I’m liking NEO. Just dumped all my IOTA for more of it…. IOTA is just a FUD magnet right now. I might buy back in if it goes below a dollar.

  10. Very well done and really informative. I would like to get Marcus’s thoughts on Iota, and Cardano. I would like to see a comparison of ETH, NEO, IOTA, and Cardano… Go raibh maith agat.

  11. Great first vid, very informative and the easy to understand guis were top notch, more of you mister Gustafson 👍

  12. Tackar! Jag kommer att ladda upp mer på både altcoin buzz och min egen kanal, sen finns jag på twitter @MackanRules

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