NACH – Athruithe Ceannaireacht agus EITí – Cuid 3

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Jason Lee and David Oh from NEM came to Windy Wellington and I had the chance to chat with them. In the third part of the interview we discuss why Lon Wong and Jeff McDonald stepped down from their roles, and look at some of the upcoming projects on NEM.

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NACH – Athruithe Ceannaireacht agus EITí – Cuid 3

15 tuairimí

  1. *you are an amazing person . I do watch your videos regularly . even tho I am not so good in English . I sold 29 bitcoin back in 2015 . but I learned my mistake now . HODL for lifeel*

  2. love the black n whit NEM shirt,,THANKS LARK /NEM ,,,,,,,,that was great!!! “noshavetill20kcryptoLark nation part #1 #2 agus # 3 nice !!!!!! 69 k subs 😉 milestone

  3. ProximaX looks like an awesome addition to the NEM community. I wish I could get in on the ICO. I’ll just have to wait until it’s available on the exchanges.

    I’m very excited for the future of NEM. The way they go about growing the platform has been very smart. It’s something real instead of just promises.

  4. Is ea, seems like an exciting project indeed ! Under the radar just due to the fact it is on NEM

  5. Honestly meeting these guys made me want to buy NEM. These guys seem so humble, and a really great vision. Lucky the markets down a bit today lol

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