NEM Foundation FUDWhat is Happening?

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NEM foundation has a big shake as media reports of bankruptcy fears and staff cuts, what is actually going on?

Nochtadh: This is an unpaid news update for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, taifeadadh agus postáil chun críocha oideachais. ina theannta sin, I currently have a bag of XEM


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NEM Foundation FUDWhat is Happening?

31 tuairimí

  1. This is a breath of fresh air. Transparency from a project and opening up to all backers as to where they stand. I don’t own any NEM, but this transparency makes me want to.

  2. Nem really been bashed over and over…. Alex Tinsman can change it…….. but will not be easy

  3. Nem survived that hack last year and bounded back, and I suspect they’ll bounce back from this restructuring and “rationalization” of their operations too.

  4. Im waiting for another 15% drop and then loading the bagsEven if it drops 30 nó 40% yeah that will suck butI know at that price its a solid long term investment. Most my purchases now I’m looking 5 blianta amach!

  5. Thanks for the video Lark, just like you promised, it was posted today ! I’m concerned the NEM Github has little activity recently (some activity between 23 Dec to 6 Jan but not much from 16 Sept to 23 Dec). So at this point in time its hard to tell how much work they are getting done. If however, the NEM catapult is only half as good as they claim, then NEM will come roaring back to life. Buying NEM now is a high risk, high reward situation which I guess is true of most cryptos.

  6. Not surprisingnot because of Nem but the chaotic crypto worldbe sure that many, if not most, would be caught hard if audited.

  7. Go raibh maith agat, Lark, for providing an objective, FUDless (did I just create a new word?) físeán. As the day progressed, the crypto news sources sensationalized the story to increasingly higher levels of panic. I feel far better informed now.

  8. As a long time Nember I would like to congratulate Crypto Lark on the fairest summation of the Nem Foundation situation that I have heard online. I always like listening to this smart guy and the fact he took a whole video to explain everything reaffirms his authenticity. Like the Lark is saying, hard times for all projects in this brutal bear market but its worthwhile to note that things can change in the bat of an eye. New Public Catapult will bring something very new to the market…. blockchain without need of coding…. easy entry for the coming mass of businesses looking to save on costs…. this indeed is probably the last chance to buy Xem at ridiculously low prices. Unlike the Lark , some of the crypto reporters should hang their head in shame with the fud they have put out …. just ignorance really.
    Crypto Lark rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Its not only NEM and its not only crypto. Restructuring, lay offs, etc are all part of any business.

  10. I’m going to cautiously buy some NEM as a speculative long term purchase, assuming that it will be available now at a Fire Sale price.

  11. Just FUDNEM is one of the best projects out there and most people don’t know about it so it was never all hype for NEM. It used to be a top 5 criptithe…it will shine again. From an investment point of view NEM’s ATH was 2$that means 50X from where it is right now. Just saying

  12. Huge lark fanboy here! But i have to admit this video did sound like a nem damagecontrol effort a bit.
    I also have to admit i don’t hold or know much about nem, but this doesn’t bode very well for their running or starting a succesful business capacities.
    Also don’t know the voting mechanismes which got the old council in place amd replaced it with the new council. But something essential is definately broken there at nem!

    Still love yah lark! But perhaps start the video out with a disclaimer that you own nem, which i wasn’t sure about until halfway through the video but kept thinking about the entire time because of the arguments you made.
    chomh maith leis sin, does something qualify has fud when the subjects themselves are fully to blame for the enormous problem?

  13. Hey, thanks for the comment.
    Honestly not trying to do damage control for NEM. Just covering the situation as is. The FUD was that Crypto media is reporting that NEM foundaation is bankrupt, which is not true.
    NEM is basically in the same situation as everyone else in this market having to make tough cuts, but at least they are being transparent about it, and they still have a lot of work to do in terms of delivering key tech like their catapult upgrade.
    The elections are a whole different story 🙂
    I do own NEM, as mentioned during the video, and written in the description, but it only makes up around 1% of my portfolio, so not a whale by any means, but perhaps I could mention it sooner in the video.

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