Nano / XRB Creator Colin LeMahieu Interview

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Colin the creator or Nano (formerly RaiBlocks) and I discuss all the latest with the project from block lattice, pobail, use cases, and how it compares to IOTA.

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Nano / XRB Creator Colin LeMahieu Interview

32 tuairimí

  1. Nice and humble guy for someone who comes with brilliant idea regarding block lattice structure and representatives!

  2. Colin LeMahieu should get the novel peace prize for helping so many people from third world countries.

  3. Ahaha I like Colin, I also suffer explaining stuff to other people most of the time! Amazing project, one of my first altcoins that I bought.

  4. This might be what Satoshi has envisioned. 2 humble beautiful dude’s talking about cryptoon the internet 😉 Great Interview. I’m sold!

  5. I like the vision that Colin has. I think he’s doing as Steve Jobs did with computers, but with cryptos. Like bringing the currency to normal people that hasn’t no idea how it works, unlike the majority of crypto enthusiasts. As he said, it will get integrations and integrations bringing to masses.

  6. He’s really focused on developing the technology and this is better than any marketing, great job Colin!

  7. This is the first time I have heard Colin talk. I feel even more confident in my RaiBlocks/Nano purchase now.

  8. A shame the Nobel guys don’t care about real stuff, they only care about their communist agenda.

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