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Sarah Pentland and I discuss the latest updates with Maidsafe, Safe Academy, development, competition, and much more!
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MaidsafeThe New Internet

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Cruthaithe ag Sara Bauer agus Richard Abermann

42 tuairimí

  1. Good Job Sarah! Would also love to also see David/Nick do more of these! I participated in the ICO and still holdingits been a long time but still hopeful the MaidSAFE team will pull it off!

  2. From what I understand, the Safe network can run block chains inside it. Along with apps. It’s a platform that is much bigger than the block chain?

  3. chomh maith leis sin, Crypto Lark, do you want to check up on Hydrominer again? They’re doing a new token now H3OSeems all a bit dodgy since H2O… 🙂

  4. cool interview. finally got a chance to watch on break here. impressive information. hope we see more on maidsafe in future. sincerely exciting world cryptos

  5. Nice one. Good interview and really good to hear you’ve got tech to reduce big players taking over. When I looked into Siacoin I was left feeling that it looks great but in reality not suitable for the average PC user that wants to contribute. Good luck MaidSafe! I’ll be following progress

  6. sick gainshaa.. great worknoshavetill20kcrypto Lark nation……we don’t need to block chainsaid no one everhmmmmmmmmm LoNg lIvE ThE BlOcKcHaIn

  7. Monty kirkman You dont seem to have the knowlege in how the current alpha 2 and network is progressing, therefore your comment is not relevant. But if you do know how far this alpha 2 has progressed, please tell.

  8. Tobias Johansson show me an MVP! Tar éis 10 plus years of development, your continual defence for this project is simply laughable.

  9. Your use of emotional words don’t make you right, let’s talk again when alpha 3 is in place.

  10. Sounds like someone invested all their funds on a competitor that shall remain unnamed which spent a huge chunk of its ICO funds on advertising and hyping rather than the project itself, this competitor also uses ancient blockchain technology which isn’t scalable and just clogs up hard drives with unnecessary copies of transaction data rather than something useful, not to mention an unimaginable waste of power, a recourse there have been wars for and may be plenty in the future

  11. Not sure if you are referring to her accent, but I like it and can understand her better than some of my neighbors down the street😜

  12. I love her accent, just aware that my mates in the US would struggle to understand her. I know my wife, who is Korean did lol

  13. OK – cinnte – was exaggerating a lotshe did just not convince me as rep of this coin at all. I already invested in lots of coins interviewed by “An Lark Criptithe”, but definitely not this time.

  14. as well as the fact that Substratum has it’s public Beta launch in a week. It also did not take them 10 years to do.

  15. Is ea, David is the man for technical detailsa lot of the questions presented here were over the pay-grade of Ms. Pentland.

  16. It’s easy for competitors to FUD MAIDSAFE as they came into the ICO space laterMAIDSAFE was one of the very first ICO’sSooo much easier now to raise a huge amount of moneyMAIDSAFE only raised around 6 million USDa pittance compared to othersso it’s a really great testimony to how much they believe in their project and keep it alive after so much time with so little capital. If they could have done the same ICO last year, they would have raised over a hundred million USD in my opinion.

  17. There are many big whales still hodlingthat says it all really. So many other opportunities, yet many very wealthy people are not selling to buy into other crypto’s.

  18. Supporting MaidSafe is in everyones best interest. It is an important safety net, and offers a completely different technological DNA to all other projects that brings with it unique opportunities.

  19. The SafeCoin is just another type of data package in the SafeNetwork, also it is required for spam prevention.
    Originally the network didn’t really consider a cryptocurrency at all, it was supposed to be free for all, but then they realized it was an elegant solution after all to prevent abuse with very little impact to the legitimate user.

    Also something that should be noted, it is not just NOT blockchain based, but NOT IP protocol based. No wonder why it took a decade to get it ironed out.

  20. That’s it, but a clarification: the MaidSafeCoins are a proxy token (a form of an IOU) for the future tokens SafeCoins that will be running on the SafeNetwork.
    When the SafeNetwork is launched it will be one to one converted to SafeCoins.

  21. Except MaidSafe is using a patented algo that doesn’t belong to them. It is just a matter of time until they get sued for using proprietary technology.

  22. Except MaidSafe is using a patented algo that doesn’t belong to them. it is just a matter of time until they get sued for using proprietary technology.

  23. macht rebelIt’s not BS, but thanks for your uneducated comment.

    Next time do your research instead of calling people liars.

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