Blue Whale ICOThe Gig Economy Meets Blockchain

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Blue Whale will be the first ICO coming out on ICON which makes this a very hyped project. Blue whale wants to change the way the gig economy works by providing real benefits back to freelancers, a solid team and good list of partners make this an ICO to pay attention to.

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Blue Whale ICOThe Gig Economy Meets Blockchain

25 tuairimí

  1. Is ea, could be really cool, and a great tool in helping people free themselves from being employees

  2. To be clear it is 60% of the profits the foundation makes via things like ad revenue that they will put back into the reward system to pay for things like sick daysit is not a fee charged to freelancers

  3. Lark stuif Mór. As a freelancer, these types of projects interest me greatly, from a user perspective. A lot of opportunities in this space for those who can stand out from the competition. Sounds pretty interesting so far so perhaps one to keep an eye on..

  4. A fairly promising project, especially if it is considered for the long term. Also to all those investors who like projects in the long term would recommend Tokengo, you will not lose this project.

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