Blockchain Protocols! TOP Smart-Contract Platforms for Altcoins Season!!

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Top #Blockchain #Protocols and a list of our top Smart-Contract Platforms for #Altcoins Season!!

It’s #bitcoin season and as the leader of all #cryptocurrency, bitcoin price staying strong is good for the whole ecosystem. With bakkt and halving approaching things are looking great for Bitcoin.

As we see in this image the global interest in Bitcoin is less than when bitcoin was at around $11,000 last time. This might continue till we see an all-time high on bitcoin and then every newspaper, media outlet will be talking about bitcoin and crypto.

At a 20,000 dollar bitcoin is maybe too expensive for many and may look for other alternatives and while bitcoin is doing great it’s hard to deny a lot of other blockchain projects have also been a lot of work to build value into their ecosystem.

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Cosmos Links

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HPB Links

HPB BOE Acceleration Engine Launch Event and Reveal

HPB BOE Hardware Unit Production

HPB BOE Hardware Unboxing!liosta

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Our team


Why should we build DApp on TomoChain?

Tezos Links

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Quant Links

Quant Network: The New Solution to Blockchain Interoperability


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Blockchain Protocols! TOP Smart-Contract Platforms for Altcoins Season!!

30 tuairimí

  1. In a very competitive space HPB has the best risk reward profile. All the others seem expensive relative to riskThen again, they are all risky.

  2. Very wise. I agree that HPB has set new standards and will continue to do so.

    I am firmly convinced that it is only a matter of time until we see HPB in the top 5.

    If you follow the project and its progress, you realize how much heart and soul has been put into it.

    Congratulations to all who have become aware of the project in time.

    #HPB High Performance Blockchain the Future!

  3. i am very surprised to hear HPB in this list, and very impressed! hpb is great and have set themeslves apart from everyone else with the BOE hardware

  4. @Y User Very much so……It has reached many milestones and continues daily. Its 18th on Github commits. Its easy to forget about or stop checking on other projects when one becomes so obsessed with other projects. I have been guilty of it myself.

  5. No surprise HPB appears on that list. Excellent fundamentals, tech and partnerships. Already working product with a utility to the coin. More to come with UnionPay Smart Dapp. Once they hit major exchanges, this could easy multi billion marketcap coin during next bull run.

  6. Grayscale’s second biggest holding after Bitcoin is ether classic 💚 while Ether can/will be printed to infinity Ethereum classic will only ever have 230mill coins💚

  7. 👍HAHAHA coolI know the cats that started Cosmos hehehe wicked review👊

  8. EOS has one of the most active GitHub repos, a large and growing developer community, and is much further along in its development than most of the projects that made your list. In a year, it’s going to have the second most used crypto social media platform (second to Steemit which I think Voice will surpass eventually). I can’t imagine a good reason for why it doesn’t make the list over projects that don’t even have a mainnet lol.

  9. HPB is doing it right. Low hype until tech is fully ready. Which is pretty much ready! HPB is the dark horse that will take us to the golden gates of Babylon.

  10. Bitcoin and Łitecoin mining reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track..🎢..🌤

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