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Fearr criptithe-curencies bróicéir == ► Tosaigh anseo is a global facing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange based in France. Pierre and I discuss the upcoming ICO for his exchange, go háirithe – ico hosting, comharthaí slándála, rialacháin, token utility, and much more.

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23 tuairimí

  1. Great Interview CryptoLark! The Cryptospace could use more reliable Marketplace in the space, is definitely going to be one of the more reputable and established Exchange

  2. Lark, I think the interviews (paid and unpaid) are very helpful. This is a perfect example: the contrast between the versus Bitmex interviews should help viewers make an (obvious) informed decision.

  3. Now this is a very Informative Video man, i got to know more on Cryptos when i started investing with the help of Brandon Gaston, i saw when someone gave him good remarks and accolades for helping them turn 4btc to 16Btc in less than a week, and i have to contact him, i made over 5Btc using then same signals and strategies he offered, he is the best, you can contact him on telegram at @Tmlive1. Guys he gives the best offers.

  4. Thank you for sharing this very informative video about the project. This is definitely one of the few ICOs projects to keep an eye on. I think the ICO has already began better check it out before it closes.

  5. will be the first crypto exchange that is fully compliance to european monetary regulation, and also being able to list security tokens. It is interesting differentiator feature. Thank you Crypto Lark for this interview.

  6. Very informative and interesting interview! Up to the point questions that are understandable for everyone from newbies to old dogs of the industry! Go raibh maith agat! The project seems definitely very interesting and promising! Would try it out for sure! 👍🔥

  7. Very informative video highlighting the history of Paymium and the cryptocurrency space back then coming from the CEO himself. Looking forward for more soon!

  8. It’s very refreshing to hear from a very knowledgeable crypto OG in Europe like Pierre Noizat. This guy deserves to be up there with the greatest. Humble genius!

  9. Thank for many things about BCIO. I get many information about this project. It ‘s really good. Hope receive more video review from you in the future.

  10. all ico are crap anyway. there are no real right for INVESTORs.
    there is no guarantee of the future use or value or usability or tradability of Tokens. Token confers no direct or indirect right to Paymium’s capital or income,
    nor does it confer any governance right within Paymium. Token is neither proof of ownership nor a right of control: control over a
    Token does not grant the controlling individual any right or interest on asset or
    share in Paymium, or in the Exchange

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