A Banker’s New Best FriendJP Morgan CoinA Threat to XRP, Bitcoin, & Cryptocurrency?

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JP Morgan is launching a digital token, what does it mean for Bitcoin, XRP, and cryptocurrency?

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J.P. Morgan is using Ethereum to launch a ‘digital U.S. dollar’—here’s what it means for blockchain



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A Banker's New Best FriendJP Morgan CoinA Threat to XRP, Bitcoin, & Cryptocurrency?

29 tuairimí

  1. I actually think this is positive for XRP. I think lots of Ripples bank partners have been shy about using crypto because of all the ‘boys club’ shaming they’d be afraid of. Now using a ‘crypto’ is cool and progressive for a banker. Jamie just legitimised XRP in particular but all cryptos by extension. Happy days!

  2. JPMORGAN does not even have enough money to cover the deposits on fractional reserve. JPMORGAN coin sounds like money laundering to me.

  3. I’m sure you’re right. I’d appreciate it if you’d like to pass on any wisdomthe basis for your comment. Love hearing different perspectives.

  4. This was awesome,,,gave it a few tweets on CNBC fast monies twitter page 🙂 ,great job Lark! CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn

  5. OK here is my take on my whole thing. It’s not going to directly affect most crypto like Bitcoin, airgeadra, Litecoin, Vericoin/Verium.etc. But seems how Ripple has links to banks I think the big banks are going to use their “cryptocurrency” (I put it in quotes because I don’t consider them a cryptocurrency) to seize control of Ripple ad it’s price. Which means there is going to affect some of the other crypto pricing, I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet, we will have to wait and see.

  6. Thanks for the rundown brother. Just another attempt by the bankers to control the new world ledger. What a great way to prop up the failing economy right. Print “boinn” from thin air without intrinsic value and do a fiat to coin swap. Then they can manipulate the new economy for 50 blianta. 🤦‍♂️ Only problem is they need us for it to work. 😉

  7. Mick Sharryit’s good news for XRP, we’ll see XRP rising to $1 and be used as a stable coin.

  8. I wish their ridiculous blockchain experiments would be the only thing of concern regarding to banksters. Damn, we have to get rid of these effers or we’ll be forever slaves.

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