7 Alt Coins Under 1 Dollar to Watch October thru 2018

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Here is a list of 7 Alt Coins that are trading below a dollar that I am watching heading into 2018, although its early October, I still have high hopes for these alt coins moving into 2018.

7 Alt Coins Under 1 Dollar to Watch October thru 2018

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  1. It would be really helpful if you separated company mission from the coinfor most of these the company mission makes a lot of sensebut what’s the value of the coin? His is it utilized, integrated? Coins aren’t needed in theory for these companies to execute their biz plans.

  2. Thak you for Video. I was too looking at Monetha and was ready to invest, but the price keeps dropping, so I gave up on them. Found another coin, DeepOnion. Ant to be honest very happy with my choise. Made medium size investment and now it’s paying me off, not only the price is rising, but also there are still airdrops, from which I make around 3000$ in aghaidh na míosa. It’s really incredible. You should check it out mate 😉 Hope you gonna like it an one day you will make video about them 😉 Peace 😉

  3. IOTA has gone up in a big way, Afterall when big names associate with you, you can go no where but the moon.

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