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Hey Team Daily Altcoin!
Today I review Seal Network. Check them out here:
Seal Network is a supply chain management cryptocurrency that is trying to fight counterfeiting and give power back to the consumer as well as the creator.
Although they are similar to cryptos like VeChain, Walton Chain, Wabi, srl…they are very different. Check out the video.

cosúil. Liostáil.

**Not Financial Advice. Just opinion.
***Paid Review

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  1. Great review thanks for the information. Not something I’d get into right away . Would like to know if it’s a working project already or just an idea as of right now. Ico are very risky in my opinion . So I’d have to fully convinced before buying.

  2. allabout. me is a new generation network based on absolutely new principles of
    cooperation between online recourse and its users. The network is going to reward its uses
    for their activity, popularity and content. The main concept of allabout. me is to reward its
    users and share with them up to 50% from ads revenues.

  3. Great review thanks. I have looked at it myself after watching the vid and there is some real potential with SEAL.

  4. Nice review pal, first one I have seen that understands the importance of the dynamic chip and the brands earning revenue on the secondary market. Good stuff.

  5. This looks a lot more appealing to me then al the chinesecompetitors ” . Great review . Will follow seal closely the coming days

  6. Working product and clients lined up. Will be big, thanks for the review

  7. Awesome Show , Much respect from me to you and your growing community , I love how informative and honest opinions that you have and give.

  8. Dia dhuit! I am from the marketing team in Brazil of Litecoin Plus (LCP) and we are looking for youtubers who can make an exclusive video about LCP, showing twitter, láithreán gréasáin, discord and etc of the currency, talking about the chances of high currency and mainly of the Road map of her that was released. We pay in Litecoin Plus direct to your wallet. if you are interested contact us kindly

  9. If you are interested me reviewing you coin send me a private email. Your would be paying for my time, not for a good review.

  10. Thanks for the video. Next time it would be great to at least hear something about the team. Just to have a different point of view. We can all research the project on our own but I believe listening to others opinion is a very powerful practice. Go raibh maith agat arís.

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