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Hey Team Daily Altcoin,
Today I wanted to take you on a deep dive of Revain (R), a low cap coin. I'll share my thoughts and insights.

In this video I talk about:
1) Revolutionizing the review industry
2) Their proprietary technology
3) The Russian team behind it
4) Filtering fake users/rewarding real ones
5) RVN Token
6) Revain's Road Map of 2018
7) And finally, I give you my takeaways

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**Just opinion. Not financial advice.

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17 tuairimí

  1. not at the moment. will be analyzing their whitepaper tonight. i appreciate your interaction with your followers btw. good stuff man.

  2. Great Review! That’s why a lot of people like this project because of the platform. Thank you for reminding us to review of what we want to know and be knowledgeable to everything. I hope this time my investment will be pump. Good luck! 🙂

  3. They want to revolutionize the review industry? Is ea, they are the only business review platform built on blockchain but, they actually don’t have difference with other review platform in the industry except that they are into crypto-world. Their company should not only rely on positive reviews. They are refraining their site from mass registration just because they don’t want fake users coming in and that’s not cool. The whole idea of this review platform is not interesting at all.

  4. How can they make sure that spam will never get through with their automatic review filtering? I mean, how the filtration will work? Will it only pass through RAF? Or it need to go both RAF and Manual filtration? What if the review passed on RAF, so no need to go on manual filtration? I’m kinda confused with the process.

  5. Glad to found this video about Revain. This review platform is quite familiar to me but after watching this I gained more knowledge and know more about it. It also get my attention that once you write a review you will be benefited and I can’t wait to write mine.

  6. Can you please do review of Webchain.Network??….. its an undiscovered low cap with a mainnet that is now LIVE
    It could be the next blocknet.

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