What is Public Market? + Bitcoin price on the move! [Cryptocurrency Review]

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Ceart go leor Altcoin Team sa lá,

Let's talk about Bitcoin, criptithe, and Public Market! Today we do a deep dive! Féach ar na físeáin.

Check out Public Market's Website and/or Twitter and/or Telegram:




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**Paid Review. All opinions expressed are my own.

***Not financial Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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What is Public Market? + Bitcoin price on the move! [Cryptocurrency Review]

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  1. Awesome Video Bro and I like the way you update all of Us 🙌….would love to see videos on Gochain PikcioChain Digibyte would really Appreciate 😊

  2. Would wait for your video update after the WhitePaper is released PTRNjust not sure how they are gonna control the fraud , that was a bit confusing 🤔

  3. No fee transaction and rewards, really!? I call B.S..
    How will they pay the cost of running the network. No fee is impossible. They charge someone, either through inflation, which is not sustainable, by selling data, or by charging tthe merchant which means there is a fee.

  4. Always to the end good job looking forward to reading the white paper also think big things could be done if amazon ebay and walmart don’t put up a huge fight they have billions and I think will be willing to spend a million to make a dollar just to keep their place in ecommerce

  5. I always stay until the end! I guess we will see how they intend to profit, but seems a little unclear so far. She sounded impressive until I heard an honor from anything related toClinton”, which might be something she might find is best left unadvertised, imho. As always, thanks for the new video!

  6. Thanks for bringing Public Market to our attention! Very interesting business model and approach to solving the monopolized e-commerce dilemma. I’m going to keep them on my radar. As always, thanks for the great content and keep up the great work!

  7. I’m not sure of the exact details. But yeah that’s what it seems to be. I’m gonna be checking out the whitepaper for the exact details when it comes out.

  8. Quick question: Are you set up for Brave browser/BAT contributions? I’m trying out the Brave browser and I like the idea of supporting my fave contributors. Def want to be able to support the channel! Thanks 🙂

  9. I am not. But I like BAT and I want to get on that. I thought they were still doing trials with select people. Have they opened it up to the world?

  10. I don’t know about publishers but I downloaded the browser and it credited me with 25 BAT to be distributed inn 30 days to the sites I visit. I can review the list and select which sites it sends my BAT to or it will distribute proportionately based on the sites I use.

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