What is FunFair (CRAIC)? Should I Invest?

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin,
Today I wanted to keep you guys up to date on the latest in everything cryptocurrency. FunFair was in the news last week for their partnership with Spike Games. So what is FunFair, and are they a good investment? Let's talk about it.

cosúil. Liostáil.

**Not financial advice. Just opinion.

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What is FunFair (CRAIC)? Should I Invest?

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  1. The gaming industry as a whole is required by law to be proveably fair, this isn’t something new that funfair is bringing to the table

  2. GrowYourOwn yes good call! I think they are saying they are ‘provably fairbecause the decentralized application of the blockchain. Which differentiates them.

  3. Altcoin Daily I just discovered your channel recently, subscribed. I like the deep digging vids on these different alts, I never have time to go research many alts, there is just too many loljust a constructive suggestion, find out the negative things about said coins and talk about the bad side as well. I think it would gain a lot of trust in your viewers, people may think you’re just a couple of coin pumpers. Just my 2 cent… thanks for the vids, keep up the good teaching!

  4. GrowYourOwn thanks man. Appreciate the comment. I like that. I would never want to be accused of just being a coin pumper!

  5. Crypto is pretty much gambling hahhaWhen I first heard about FunFair, the points / pros you raised did trigger my interest in this coin but not so much now. Although that was a few months ago, so things could have changed. There is a huge market for gambling and it is a big industry. Isn’t it geared more towards providing an easier way for other companies to set up an online gambling presence. Althought not identical, I like WAX and Enjin better.

  6. There putting together beta testers now. This project is so close to going live. Fate channels like state channel fast gaming experience.

  7. Ha yes crypto is a gamble in these early days! Yes they are making a big licensing play. Love Wax. I was thinking about doing a deep dive on Enjin. What do you like about them? Are you an investor?

  8. The best thing about Funfair is , it enables major casinos to brand & build on their platform, a basic gateway into the crypto worldLess footwork..

  9. Nice video, again. Go raibh maith agat!

    About Edgeless, it is really the first SmartContract blockchain Casino. The ICO occured months before the FunFair one.

    The biggest advantage of Edgeless is the “0% HOUSE EDGEwich guaranties that the casino doesn’t cheat you like the centralized do. To my knowledge, none of the other project offers that.

    Plus, they recently got a liscence to operate legaly (wich seems quite hard to obtain) and it is one of the rare ICO that gave me a ROI since it happend. Quite quickly actualy.

    Ar deireadh, the position in the marketcap list is not necessarely relevant (ecxept for the big ones, may be). I mean, it could change so rapidly. Plus, FunFair is in itshypephase. Month ago, Edgeless was in a much higher position and I am pretty sure it’ll come back as soon as they release new stuff.

    I don’t say that people should or must invest in but it is a very serious project. Nobling bling”, straight to the point and solid. Mar sin,, to me, Edgeless it’s a bang on the buck. 🙂


  10. Edgeless and FUNfair are not the same. Edgeless is a casino whereas Funfair is a casino platform. Edgeless= 1 casino, Funfair = hundreds/thousands of casinos on the platform

  11. Bought a load of FUN today. Use Binance. I paid 2 and a half cents. I think it’s got great long term potential

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