What is Decentraland? Second Life Killer?? [Crypto/Altcoin Deep Dive]

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin,
How are you guys doing? Today I wanted to put Decentraland [MANA] on your radar. It's a cryptocurrency/altcoin that I'm kinda bullish on. Go bunúsach, they are creating a virtual reality "alternative life" game on blockchain. In this virtual world you could buy land, build on it, and monatize it. And everythig would be secured on the blockchain.
Anyways, great video today. Watch and let me know what you think.

cosúil. Liostáil.

**Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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What is Decentraland? Second Life Killer?? [Crypto/Altcoin Deep Dive]

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  1. I own MANA but dont wanna build or buy land. Whats the role of the token then? I thought itd be like a medium of exchange within the decentraland niche

  2. I’d rather slave away for dollars in the real world to buy a deed and pay taxes to the landmaster central bank who owns the government that tells me I can’t build a casino or anything I find fun. 😒oh and taxes me every year

  3. I would build a ghetto with liquor stores and hookers and blow and guns for players to kill each other. Sell virtual crack for mana. I can send a brainchip to you that connects directly to the pleasure center of your brain, and depending on how often you buy crack and how much you give me mana, would determine how often and intensely I DECIDE to stimulate the brainchip with remote control. That applies for hookers too

  4. UUU is a very great token to have now they wil be the new facebook and much beter they are also far ahead in their roadmap and having a dream team and amazing partners like qtum and aelf. in my eyes UUU is a very strong buy now since it has a small market cap and have potential to beat steem

  5. I guess it is for litle later to buy. Now the spike of the price is going dow, next time ridding the wave from the bottom!

  6. lol that’s the dream. I’d take profits at a humble 100,000. I do need to feature Wax sometime soon.

  7. I’m excited about Decentraland because this is Secondlife on Blockchain. But don’t get me wrong, I’m going in on it, but not for the mana coin (that’s a risky investment).

  8. I’m going in regardless of manas priceThink about some of the early real estate in SecondLife. And how many people do you know that play the gameBottom line, not investing as a coin for speculation, my speculation is on the real estate.

  9. Altcoin Daily not sure how much but yes that’s what I’m thinking the smarter speculation is on (not flipping the manna when it goes up/down).

  10. Own Virtual Land!!! Sounds cool. Thanks for your effort. Seems Decentraland will be a cool project in future. But I cannot agree with you that future of altcoin is decentraland. I think privacy coins like Monero, Fleasc, DeepOnion will be the altcoin of future. Those coins have some real life usages as they ensure anonymous transaction.

  11. It is fair in its analysis, there is a great tendency to privacy, although they are expensive, I would be interested in an anonymous currency that is undervalued, with the purpose of making investments, especially when it is in the project phase because in the short time they have a Rapid growth in features and price.

  12. Decentraland is by far my favorite crypto/project. To me it’s far more than just another investment, it’s something i’m passionate about, and believe will change the way we do a lot of things. Decentraland is a new platform that anyone will be able to use to do anything from shop, game, socialize, educate, literally anything you could do in real life and more. If businesses don’t take advantage of this i believe it could be like missing out on investing in the internet(not having a website to sell your goods/services for example). If Decentraland gets anything like the following to the things it’s being compared to, like second life, world or warcraft, it will be huge. What people need to understand is that Decentraland has the chance to be so much more than everything it’s being compared to combined. The most someone paid for a plot of land in the auction was roughly $90,000, and since on the marketplace a single 10x10meter plot sold for $170,000. I’m guessing from some of the prices paid and the total money spent that a number of businesses would agree Decentraland could be, not just a big game or crypto, but a whole new platform and way people interact on a daily basis. Last of all, from what i can see hardly anyone knows about this project, and when word starts to spread and more people are aware we could see LAND and MANA values increase not decrease.

  13. Can someone explain exactly what is the advantage of this thing over Second Life and the various OpenSim worlds that have been around for years already?

    I’m seeing lots of videos talking about Decentraland’s blockchain and virtual land speculation, but I’m seeing almost no in-game footage, player interactions, or any explanation of what features are working and what you can actually do in the world.

  14. Well it’s still very early on in development. Eventually it will play very similar to Second Life except land and many other things will be immutable on the blockchain.

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