What if there is no bull run….

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin,
With Bitcoin dropping to $8,000 and the market sitting around 375 billiún. Let's talk about the possibility of what if there is no bull run. How long are you prepared to hodl? Let's talk about it.

cosúil. Liostáil.

A friendly reminder about where crypto is going next ó CryptoCurrency

***Not financial advice. Just opinion.

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What if there is no bull run….

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  1. This drop has happened since futures were issued. The same market manipulation occurred when futures were issued in the Gold, Silver and Uranium markets. The banks want in, but not until the market is low. Expect BTC to drop to under £5000 before the big players turn it around. Hold your Altcoins and do not bring any more Fiat money in until BTC is around 5K. good luck all….FIAT is in its geriatric years and crypto is the future….the banks want to buy our currencies at the cheapest possible price…….but then again so do we. (Beware Mt.Gox)
    Yesterday more bad news to bring market down; The powers have again today tried to cause a price drop—-Bad news day again- (all part of the plan) Shenzhen police arrested six individuals who allegedly defrauded 3,000 Chinese investors out of $47 million by selling a cryptocurrency they claimed was backed by a commodity. see Pu’er Coin/ Pu’er Tibetan tea firm. China ensuring the cryptomarket is clean and ready for the government to join in? and Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Accused of Shilling Sham ICO After Charging $500,000 A Tweet. Also see- Bitcoin Price Too Volatile for Merchants, Claims PayPal CFO…etc.
    Secretly corporations and governments are already invested in crypto, USD (by Morgan Stan) coming soon; An tSín, Israel and many others all starting projects….the future is crypto, but timing for buying and selling is all important for us. the bull run will come once the corporations have obtained the low buying levels they want; the Guv, want us to invest in altcoins and not BTC; Altcoin stimulate the economy by distributing money whilst with BTC the money just sits there….. yes it could be another 2014, but i suspect after sept it will improve….alot

  2. That’s what i thought the other day as well. They might trying to manipulate the bull run start date for obvious psychology reasons but the smart money will always win. No matter what

  3. #Lifer 💫 I agree 💯%I will be in from now on it is the future but realistically this bear could run for a bit (more time to buy🤑) so preparing mentally for that is the smartest thing while accumulating knowing it is the future and we are in no rush. All will Work out in the end for the HODLERS IMO😳🤪😂💯🚀

  4. akaAction 316 this is basically my thoughts too, crypto is the future, I just don’t care when I see fluctuations in the market because I understand the future is inevitably digital.

  5. People tend to forget that the price of Bitcoin ins’t based on how much money is pumped into buying it, but rather based on how much someone is willing to pay for it. Injecting $100M into BTC will not just increase its market cap by $100M, it’s going to increase it in the billions.

  6. Altcoin Daily both the market to crash at any moment with dealing with inflation hyperinflation could come soon these cryptocurrencies is going to go through the roof!!!

  7. Altcoin Daily ya its like the whole planet is waiting for a bull run in june so they might do a shift of the bull run because manipulators need one thing out of this. They want you to loose money

  8. I I believe so even if my timing is off it’s coming I believe that Bitcoin is not going to be a store wealth is going to be considered the reserve currency is going to be globally adopted in my humble opinion!!!

  9. same reason – 2014 effing Mt. Gox – no one has addressed my questionsWho stole the coins back then ? How here they caught ? How were the coins recovered ? How F%&* much did the creditors need to be repaidkeep in mind the value of those coins has Greatly increased . Lastly do they really assertSorry , There’s No possible way to return coins to the rightful owners ( sarcastically ) “

  10. Hi brothers, thanks for this nice video. Green flags indeed! I think it’s just a mental barrier, people are waiting for June. If we all wait for June, than we will decline further in May. I am currently trading with the coins I already have instead of investing new money. Meaning i am also guilty. I will hold what I currently have and will invest more at the end of May, hopefully just before the bull run. Keep hodling and don’t forget to buy the dips! Rob

  11. S’up brutha! Your question: what will i do if there is no bullrun and we continuously see a red see? Answer: im frickin buying!! While the sea is red, my wallet gets fed….with more crypto!!

  12. Aaron* Hey thanks woopit! Buíoch tú! I think it’s cool what Nebulas is doing. I don’t know too much specifics about them to be real.

  13. Idkyou gotta make your own mind up. Maidir liom féin, I’m thinking if we see ATHs I’m gonna take profits 2018. Tá tú?

  14. Simple proposition ; Either Crypto is the biggest scam in history or it is the most undervalued asset humanity has ever seen. It will either enter another bull run into the multiple trillions or it will go to zero……Place your bets

  15. Im diggin on btc, salt, golem, medical chain, Cardano, monero, eth, ióta, ubiquityi am liking coins that seem, to me, useful and disruptivestability, privacy, lending, medical, eastát réadach, thats pretty much my portfolio and of course, i have a small small position in most of them. (The expensive ones) but im planning on just cost averaging into them each payday and hope that in 10 years that my little $50 per pay will do better here than in my savings account.

  16. Altcoin Daily thx for the honest response. Check them out though if you got a sec. They have the best ecosystem for blockchain 3.0, only blockchain 3.0 with upgradable smart contracts and self evolving scalability.

  17. Yeah bro….sure hope so. I just cant see crypto and or blockchain totally tanking….so i dont see a day when everything goes to zero….so i hope i have backed at least one good one….its gotta be better than interest on a savings account!!

  18. Finally someone who understands what’s going on. People just don’t want to accept that the market is not the same as it used to be. Bitcoin futures ruined everything. And it’s not because I’ve read some article on cartel suppressing the price, just open a 15 min chart and you will see straight lines up and down with enormous volume every few hours. Try to daytrade Bitcoin and you will understand what I’m talking about.

  19. I think the bull run will be towards the end of the year like October-December. 2019 will be the year for crypto

  20. with these financial institutions getting in to the space i highly doubt the entire crypto market will go to 0. placing my bets now for the next bull run!

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