What Does Humanity Gain From Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology? [Cryptocurrency Use Cases]

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin!

What does humanity gain from Bitcoin and blockchain technology?

Let's talk about it!

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What does humanity gain from this technology? ó CryptoCurrency

***NOT financial advice. Just opinion. Just use my channel as a starting off point. Do A LOT more research before you invest.

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What Does Humanity Gain From Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology? [Cryptocurrency Use Cases]

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  1. Governments don’t issue currency central banks do which is a private Institution biggest fraud in human history that’s why we need decentralized blockchain.

  2. Thanks for the video!

    The first altcoin I heard about was Ethereum. I read about it one of those airline magazines you get on the plane. ach, real alt coin was XRP.

    I thought you were going to say that you weren’t Satoshi !
    I never suspected that you were George Clooney

  3. Crypto brings us 1 step closer to a society with NO money. Think about that for a second -no money, no fiat, not even crypto. A society where people share their extra value with each other. A world where people care more about each other, than themselves. Existential, I know, but maybe a few more decades will bring us all to this realization. Until then, to the moon! (I know, it’s directly in opposition to the statement I just made, but I’m hypothesizing).

  4. Thanks brother, I mean George Clooney : ) I had question, are you aware of any charts I can look at to see the different use cases of all coins. I am particularly interested in a list of all P2P coins. Go raibh maith agat arís!!

  5. It was prob Sept 2017 and my 22y/o nephew mentioned to me something about ripple (xrp). I was skeptical at first but I am now a disciple of crypto. The funny thing is I had always been disgusted with the current state of financial institutions in this country and world but was unable to figure out a way to escape the bonds it places upon us all. Well now I know im gona shed these bonds eventually. BTW told my nephew at the end of five years he gets 10% of my total crypto worthgotta take care of your bartenders..lol

  6. Hehe.. you do kinda sound like George Clooney. DOGE was the first alt coin I heard of. I ended up getting some on eBay. That was actually the first crypto I held

  7. No one told me about alt coins, but someone told me about Bitcoin. I found alt coins after that and spoke to him for advice

  8. Almost @ 20K subs NICE!!! The brothers are doing it. In 5years you guys should be a 1 million or much more. You guys make me want to join in and help with mass adoption just thinking of a unique way tho. BUT, keep doing the great work guys.

  9. Well em, no matter if the prices come back or not, is still something, i mean ~6500 USD price for BTC today is not that bad comparing with last year. Problem is that ETH is droping huge and many people get discouraged. My first Altcoin i heard about was Litecoin and i had invested about 0.02 BTC. Later on, ETN which is electroneum and was at that time around 700 satoshies. From that point, i had sold ETN (ag 240) and i hold LTC because ETN dropped to much and i could not just hold it anymore ( God knows if it goes to 40-50 satoshies like Doge coin use to be). During last year, i had bought CAPP, LCC, ZCL, CRC, PHO, XMR, FTC, ZEC, Fleasc, ETH and ETC. All of them small amounts. Of course that i saved some USD aswell, could not bet all or nothing on these coins.

  10. Ripple. My cousin told me to buy it.
    Since them I have purchased 1 Bitcoin.
    10 airgeadra, 25.000 Ripple, 105 Lite Coin.
    Every month I keep buying and buying

  11. If Banks liked crypto they would have taken it on years ago, but there is no money in it because fees are virtually nothing, with Banks, no more Government bails out due to fraud we cause, no more tax deductions, because with crypto people can do it phone to phone they don’t need us, no more paying CEO’S $50 mill per, no more renting out 80 story buildings, take on crypto all that stops. This is why we need Bitcoin & The Block Chain. To stop Bank fraud, yes make the unbanked, Banked.

  12. Yup, Bhí sé. I was unsure the person would send them. It took a about a day. Thankfully ppl value their feedback. I was unfamiliar with exchanges and Ebay seemed like the easiest way to acquire crypto at the time..

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