Whale Alert! 🚨 Late Night Whale Watching! 🐋 [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Perspective/ASMR]

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Ceart go leor Altcoin Team sa lá!
Let's do some whale watching! Grab a drink! Let's go. 👍

cosúil. Liostáil.

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Whale Alert! 🚨 Late Night Whale Watching! 🐋 [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Perspective/ASMR]

62 tuairimí

  1. Whale alert….shhhhhwe don’t want scare away the whalesI stick around a couple of minutes then I go back to my full time job : McDonalds

  2. LOL, Aaron! The whispering totally cracked me up! Fun video. As always, I appreciate the info. Altcoin Daily is still my fave channel!

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  4. Listen to me.

    I will not accept a bull run in december.

    Wait until 11 january 2019.
    Cuz i do not have any more money to invest until then.

    Go raibh maith agat

  5. The guys selling 53 btc at 4200 dollar are not trying to sell those btc, they are trying to block the price from going higher that 4.2k. which will work as nobody is buying that much BTC

  6. I see a lot of people saying this guy is a scammer. Im not agreeing or disagreeing with you guys but I will say this or should say ask this to you. The best way to bust a scammer or hurt him is to show a better way to make money doing what he is doing Im talking as far as buying and trading crypto against stocks. And do it for free. So I would suggest if you think he is a scammer show us what you got?

  7. amongst the best and well up amongst them….each channel has a different angle on this subject, this one and the way its subject is presented is like a breath of fresh air to me

  8. An 5000 btc was moved FROM bitfinex into an unknown wallet, not to bitfinex. Probably for hodling, and/or they’re going to split stacks onto other exchanges for arbitrage and/or building walls.

  9. Hahaha!! This is great! I agree that this is the best and my favorite Crypto channel on YouTube! Cheers!

  10. I have been told that Bitcoin is not manipulative but I see it happening in this excellent video. At least I perceive it that way IMHO.

  11. Binance is your favorite exchange? Wtf.. Binance is a sham, straight pump and dump sharks out for everyone’s crypto..

  12. You made reference to the wallets on page 3 as a person. Most of the bitcoin in those wallets are most likely owned by multiple people. Still a great observation and video. Go raibh maith agat!

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