RABHADH: If you hold Bitcoin BE READY! [Cryptocurrency Perspective]

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin!!

Is ea! Tá tú ag dul a cosúil le físeáin seo. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin.



The Companies in the Middle of the Bitcoin Cash debate and where they stand

How to Watch the Bitcoin Cash Fork As It Happens

How to Watch the Bitcoin Cash Fork As It Happens

Why Are Novogratz, fidelity, And Bakkt Banking On Institutional Crypto Investors?

Why Are Novogratz, fidelity, And Bakkt Banking On Institutional Crypto Investors?

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


cosúil. Liostáil.

#Bitcoin #BitcoinCash #StayStrong

**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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RABHADH: If you hold Bitcoin BE READY! [Cryptocurrency Perspective]

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  1. Tá na 2 MENTAL MIDGETS dont care because they are EXTREMELY wealthy but for people like us it’s very PAINFUL even though we only put in what we are willing to lose….but it still hurts to lose it and they are scarring institutions from getting into this space and crippling a BULL RUN….we should put the both of them in a jail cell with a knife and let them fight it out that way they dont effect us

  2. Wahoo, Cryptos on SALE!!!!!! Remember the only people that get hurt on a roller coaster are the ones that jump off. Now go have a great day!

  3. One of the best channels I follow to keep me update on cryptocurrency market.
    Thank you so much for your videos!!

  4. This whole thing is BS, it is not decentralization it dictatorship and arrogant pride! It will turn away many potential investor from this space.

  5. I’ll just continue my usual routine of buying some bitcoin every payday and let time do the heavy lifting for me. I was buying all through 2015 (although I still had a mortgage payment then so I couldn’t buy what I buy now). These days though, I buy 1000 dollars worth every payday, like clockwork. Even now in this crash I have enough to retire if I moved to a lower cost country (especially if you count the 300k I could get for my house) but if I want to retire here in the states I’ll need a bit more.

    I prefer a frugal lifestyle so my mechanic wages vastly overshadow my expenses. Now that the house is paid off, this is my balance sheet. After tax income 4600, spending 1400, and my surplus is usually around 3000 or so a month. I dump 2k of that every month into bitcoin and dump the rest into a credit card that I used for a vacation earlier this year. Got a couple thousand left before it’s paid off. Got paid today and fired off my usual thousand. It should hit the exchange tomorrow or the next day. When that happens I’ll flip it over to bitcoin and move it to my phone wallet. Once I accumulate a full bitcoin there I take a trip to the bank box, plug Mycelium into the Trezor, and dump it in.

    I’m an old prepper/survivalist/gun guy. We tend to be frugal. We like to grow a garden, buy our groceries in bulk, keep a pantry and minimize expenses. I repair my old vehicles rather than buying new or taking them to a shop. It’s like most people are sitting in a rowboat that has leaks springing up in them. And instead of plugging the leaks they just bail harder. In my case though I direct most of my effort to plugging the leaks. And since the leaks are plugged I don’t have to wear myself out bailing. It’s been a year since I worked overtime. when I do I just pay more taxes so screw it. I just work my 40 hours and go home. And with my frugal lifestyle I don’t need to accumulate anywhere near what most guys would need for an early retirement. Some people couldn’t stand living the way I live, but this lifestyle suits me perfectly. I think its a better, lower stress, more peaceful, more stable, and vastly more prosperous way to live.

  6. That’s the point, they trying to drive us away. Forking to make crypto cheaper for the rich to buy.

    Edit, double whammy

  7. I swear Craig W suffers from the same kind of psycho narcissism Hitler did. It’s embarrassing

  8. Not a praise, but Hitler was actually smarter than that. Hitler made sure he had an army by his side before he started his crazy bullshit. Craig might want to get security for every member of his family

    He better get that John Mcafee sized security team and say bye to living a comfortable life.

  9. Dont be fooled. Prices driven down for institutions. The news is a smoke screen. Buy the dip and wait

  10. Real Talk. The BCH situation has nothing to do with it. Those disgusting Whales just used that as a smoke screen to have their way.

  11. Cool. My ranch will be the Blue Bolt ranch featuring my prized stallion,
    Fugazi Whenlambo.😂

  12. What i see is if Bitcoin goes even lower im going to keep buying in all the way down to a $1,000 bucks because value for that PRICE is very attractive to me. Crypto isn’t going anywhere. Its all about getting through ups and down. Bad times and good times baby peace!

  13. Ha that’s usually true. They did predict 0x to be the first altcoin added to coinbase tho. So sometimes they get things right.

  14. Is ea, it’s the first adage of investing: buy low. Bear markets aren’t necessarily bad if there is a strategy behind your trading.

  15. Is ea. Buy when there’s blood in the streets. Then tear Rothschilds from their palace and let his blood mingle with the commoners blood in the street.

  16. Been on it alreadybuying on the lows and selling on the highsbuilding my BTC bankroll and will be averaging my long-term BTC buys/investments. Agree 1000%

  17. +psycicmindpowers oh dont get me wrong I’m in for the long run I REFUSE TO SELL because in 5 chun 10 years I will be able to retire thanks to this spaceit just sucks that they can do this to so many people

  18. Well said. I’ve been buying as much as I can while the market is down. I hope it stays down till after Christmas, that way I can save on crypto presents.

  19. Actually Tri Nguyen what you say is true . . . to a certain extent. Since I do have enough of the real thing (got bitcoin before all the forks) it can only help in the long run to own the genuine fakes if that’s what they turn out to be. Bitcoin Cash stands to deliver the most. It’s hard for me to say it’s fake when I could cash it all in and buy 65% of a whole bitcoin, or better, 85 Litecoins. Did you know that the United Nations appeared at the Litecoin Summit last month in San Francisco to announce they are accepting Litecoin as a world currency? Charlie Lee was there and appeared with the UN representatives on stage to make that announcement. Adoption is not so far away as people thought.

  20. GREG L: When Wall Streeters get involved they do so with the intent of making money at everyone else expense by using their vast resources and huge bag of tricks. So don’t play their game. All they are doing at this moment is driving down prices and sentiment in the crypto space with the express purpose of buying what you sell . You never lose unless you sell. Even during the next bull run it’s not worth it to sell. Markets go up and down . . . a HODLer doesn’t care and shouldn’t care until mass adoption takes place. If you believe in the cryptos as an opportunity to get the most by doing the least (which is buying while the markets are down), then don’t worry. Keep accumulating.

  21. not manipulation, it’s complete controleven Wall Street doesn’t have anything like thisWall Street is %100 macánta, stable and predictable compared to crypto

  22. It’s the only market with such a short history, life, and questionable future. We all know that.

  23. So much for decentralization when a couple of babies can get into a pissing contest and wipe out everyone else’s wealth.

  24. +Thomas S. yes you really understand the mentality of a true hodler and the mentality of thr elite. Their playing the whole world, its their signiture. So knowing that HODL your asses off people because crypto is going NOWHERE

  25. +cradle bc I’ve been hearing bitcoin is dead and destroyed for at least 6 years nowyet here it is at the top of the market.

  26. well said, ultimately if theres one thing real investors loathe its politics, and these idiots have put politics and ego ahead of the business of making money and wealth, the benefits of which millions of people can share in, real capitalists hate rich assholes with no empathy for the pain their games cause to others, who are trying to earn their living and grow their savings via btc

  27. That’s my take on it, there’s people looming in the wings with bakkt and Ice ect that needs settling in actual bitcoins

  28. Hitler did nothing wrong. The holocaust didn’t happen but it should have.

    If it weren’t for the bankers (you know who the bankers are right?) robbing nations blind through currency manipulation and buying of politicians there would never have been a need for crypto.

  29. Roy: You expressed it perfectly. It’s a roller coaster ride and we’re on the down hill slide. It’s no big deal. Cryptos have the uncanny knack of defying gravity, then becoming gravity. It’s good, then it sucks. Gotta be clear headed and leave emotions out of it.

  30. not on sale .. the thing can come crashing to 1k or bellow if it wants to, you have no control over it.

  31. Roy Randolph your an idiot, it’s not on sale. There’s no telling if something is cheap, bitcoin could go to 4K and then is 5.6k cheap? You can’t say something is cheap in this market. And if there’s a pit of lava on the end of the roller coaster then I’d jump off. BTC needs to reach 4K-5k to have a actual bullish reversal.

  32. This is the best time to invest in bitcoin. Buy at the best discount rate from us. contact me on whatsapp at +19106230265

  33. This is the best time to invest in bitcoin. Buy at the best discount rate from us. contact me on whatsapp at +19106230265

  34. This is the best time to invest in bitcoin. Buy at the best discount rate from us. contact me on whatsapp at +19106230265

  35. This is the best time to invest in bitcoin. Buy at the best discount rate from us. contact me on whatsapp at +19106230265

  36. This is the best time to invest in bitcoin. Buy at the best discount rate from us. contact me on whatsapp at +19106230265

  37. This is the best time to invest in bitcoin. Buy at the best discount rate from us. contact me on whatsapp at +19106230265

  38. This is the best time to invest in bitcoin. Buy at the best discount rate from us. contact me on whatsapp at +19106230265

  39. Mgtowski
    I just bought some silver! Best to hedge this roller coaster ride we are on. My Bitcoin is for my grandsons!!

  40. Thomas S.
    WOW, I never heard that. All the litecoin guys were spewing ripple XRP after the litecoin summit. What are your thoughts on XRP? I have none.

  41. +BlueMoonBrightStar I’m not selling my silver. The comment was an inside joke. I wrote in a past post saying that I’m waiting until Bitcoin drops to 5350, and Vention mentioned that he’d unload his silver for Bitcoin.

  42. Brent Walsh did you say buy?
    Why would anyone buy when you can actually mine Bitcoin?
    I’ll stick to my mining.

  43. Brent Walsh unless you’re saying i can make over 1btc monthly from trading in a month.. i mine over 2btc monthly.

  44. +BlueMoonBrightStar XRP in my view is a genuine fake, meaning it will hang around until the banks fail because its whole existence depends on the bank functioning. For now it works and people have made money off of it. I don’t know how high it will go to make more money off of it. It’s anyone’s guess. The danger is in the past banks have failed and will fail again. Googlebank failuresand you’ll see what I’m talking about. I would never put my money in XRP when there are so many other cryptos out there where your money can do a hellava lot better such as LTC and DGB, both which are screaming buys and will actually do exponentially better if the banks fail.

  45. Mgtowski
    Go raibh maith agat! I am just diversifying a bit. My son is getting silver for Christmas! Ha.

  46. Institutions don’t buy this crapwake the F up!!! Christine Lagarde came right out and said the IMF will not recognize private coinsLOL, but you never read that on any channels SELLING youPeace

  47. All of idiotThis I a modern scam…. All happened in Dec. 2017 is all show in order to have more investor,last year it’s all for the purposes…, I’m clapping my hands to dayPeople around the world they fooled…. All person, company shows in the internet that crypto would skyrocket value end of 2018 they all actor…. They are all accomplish of this modern scam! Open your eyes all…. Crypto is going down to 0 valueDon’t wait…. There’s no revival again….

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