Warning: I Think Bitcoin Is Going Under 3K…Anseo An bhfuil Cén fáth? [Altcoins I Bought]

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Bitcoin is continuing to crash. We dipped to 3,600 and are barely holding

I think we will go lower. But I am still bullish on Bitcoin's future.

Watch this video and find out what altcoins I am buying.

cosúil. Liostáil.

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Buying a Subway sub with Bitcoin

Buying a Subway sub with Bitcoin

#Bitcoin #crash #cryptocurrency

**COMHAIRLE NACH AIRGEADAIS. JUST TUAIRIM. NÍ Táim saineolaí. Déan do chuid taighde FÉIN.

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Warning: I Think Bitcoin Is Going Under 3K…Anseo An bhfuil Cén fáth? [Altcoins I Bought]

72 tuairimí

  1. The million dollar question is, do I have any fiat left? You’re goddamn right I don’t!

  2. XRP is a but utility growing by the week, real world use versus bitcoin that is outdated, slow and scaling issues. Logic and research required, most coins will go to zero

  3. this is complete manipulation, people aren’t selling there are so few people in crypto at this point. Which means it can explode just as artificially as it went down.

  4. Bitcoin is rubbish. Yes the technology is great but it will NEVER be a viable currency. First and foremost a currency to be viable needs to be stable. Not that you buy now and next week you have inflated 20% away and then a year later 90%. Imagine the US dollar or stock market lost 90%? There literally would be blood on the street. You summed it up well ‘I only buy what I can afford to lose’ and for this reason bitcoin will never serve a purpose beyond gambling on a possible big lotto win in the future. Good luck.

  5. Question. Are you hodling any vechain? I do and i am really confused about it. any pointers for me? There is so much negative news around it and it makes me confused.

  6. I love it…. Bitcoin is a lifestyle….. last night just won $500 on a scratcher, went and bought cryptos!!!

  7. Oh well done genius ! O f course it is going sub 3K ! Probably much, much lower. You are NOT an expert . An expert would have predicted this.

  8. Buying DGTXCommision free futures exchange that launches mid January. Its a good price with a SOLID Roadmap

  9. 5 years from now people that bought BTC at 15,000$ are gonna be very happy that they didnt panic sell at 3,000$.

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