WANDXUpdate with CEO / Founder Abhinav Ramesh. criptithe News

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The New Kids On The Blockchain chat to Abhinav Ramesh CEO/Founder of WandX about their launch plans and interview him on a number of subjects around the project including their decentralised exchange and purchasing crypto assets easily beyond Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) agus NEO.


Music by http://www.bensound.com

NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research. neo / BTC / eth

WANDXUpdate with CEO / Founder Abhinav Ramesh. criptithe News

18 tuairimí

  1. WANDX chart looks good at this at this stage & before mainnet coming up but no liquidity. Will be interesting to see a DEX in between ETH & NEO. Great questions, especially about ledger, mobile app & leverage trading <3

  2. its a multi chain/cross chain dex with the ability to buy tokens in baskets reducing fees and friendly to the noobs, also it can lend volume from any exchange that lists tokens such as binance

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