WaltonChain Giveaway Scam? Should you sell your WTC?

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WaltonChain WTC endured some cries of scandal yesterday as they were caught fixing their own giveaway!

What do you think of WTC's decision to fix their own giveaway? Let us know below!

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WaltonChain Giveaway Scam? Should you sell your WTC?

20 tuairimí

  1. sorry but they banned people for mentioning it when it first happened, people banned on telegram for mentioning it, not the actions of an honest mistake so i am OUT. sketchy as fuuuuuck

  2. why didnt you mention that otherwinnerswho replied all had profiles under 2 months old? not 1 but ALL of them

  3. So what’s the screen over your right about? I noticed iExec RLC there. Just curious what that’s about lol

  4. Sketchy! Then again I created new twitter handles when i started in the crypto game so that isn’t in itself a smoking gun (just trying to be equitable and not overstate or over consider any single fact)

  5. I bought more on the dip. Any publicity is good publicity lol may cost market cap now but if they’re legit then it’ll be nothing in the future

  6. Go raibh maith agat! We love crypto and decided to start the channel a few weeks ago. Help us grow our community! Thanks again for checking us out 🙂

  7. EVERYwinnerwas faked. This is an outright scandal and anyone who believes theirapologyexplanation is a moron.

  8. And just like that, WTC is back over $27 and climbing HARD 5 days after this silly tweet that no one cares about other than butt hurt small players. Apparently Alibaba doesn’t care about Tweeting either. Grow up groupthis is a businessnot your social media girlfriend. Try not to get so heartbroken next time they have a little messup and join the rest of us in making money on this movement.

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