Waltonchain and Alibaba? WTC Bags Smart City Partnership!

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Waltonchain and Alibaba? WTC Bags Smart City Partnership!

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Waltonchain and Alibaba? WTC Bags Smart City Partnership!

19 tuairimí

  1. Could politics between China and the US ever effect the cryptos that are highly centralized? IE Neo and Walton among many others. I have a large stake in both and would hate to see something like bans and new laws effect US investors. It just seems more riskier than investing in more decentralized alts.

  2. Epic history being made walton has over 45 partnerships now they arent playing around thats for sure

  3. Yeah I know, but saying it goes against what Satoshi preached is a bit…. His word isn’t divine

  4. Eventually it’ll probably be all decentralized, but the world has so much diversity so at the moment places like China would have to start with a 50/50 type decentralized crypto and work from there

  5. This video is proof of the Mandela EffectI don’t see the Alibaba partnership on twitter, just a cryptic apology.. Spooky

  6. I have seen, Their boubou.. They partnered with Alicloud not Alibaba. VEN is in talks with Alibaba. I guess that is why they simply deleted the tweet, easier than explaining the HUGE mistake before WTC gets humped with Alibaba signs on with VEN. Ref Lambodreams Lu said VeChain is currently in talks with AliBaba, Tesla and IBM, and that new partnerships will likely be announced….

  7. Alicloud is a business solution for enterprises tooTheir clients are called partners. Saying that without clear response from WTC regarding their partnership it is quite possible they are clients of Alicloud like CISCO for example. Which would explain why they had to take down the tweet. I hope for WTC that they are the ones offering the solution but from aliclouds endevour is highly unlikely.

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  9. I just bought in today at $15.90. Feeling pretty effing solid about it. Thanks for the nice review FUD TV! Confirmation bias FTW!

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