WAKE UP! Bitcoin Is Just Getting Started In 2020! The Fundaments Are Too Strong!

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🚂🚂🚂Fundamentals are strong this year! Watch and find out why!

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WAKE UP! Bitcoin Is Just Getting Started In 2020! The Fundaments Are Too Strong!


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40 tuairimí

  1. For Bitcoin to succeed, Ethereum doesn’t need to fail. Both can thrive as they have different use cases. Most people hold both in their portfolio.

  2. They said same thing about gold. “Get out of paper and into gold to save yourselfDidn’t work, did it? Fed rigging gold market. Gold should be $20K/oz. inniu. It is only $1600. Fed’s done good job of suppressing gold hasn’t it? How will digital gold (Bitcoin) escape Fed market suppression? It won’t. Why do you leave out the masters of the markets in your analysis? It is like talking about gold and not recognizing gold price is rigged by the Fed.

  3. Thanks for making another quality video focusing on fundamentals 👍 I just get the impression that many other channels pump certain altcoins because they were sponsored to do so.

  4. Seeing Bitcoin cash and sv up on the list is just ridiculous. This tells me there needs to be a major crash at some point to weed out the junk.

  5. @JBwrath LTC, ETH, OCBF, LINK are all good investments….stay within the top 10 and you will be ok in the next bull run

  6. I’m 63, I hold a full bitcoin and I find it very hard to find any millennial that knows sh$t about bitcoin. Good sign.

  7. Eth is literally garbage. It will fail on it’s own fundamentals, not based on what people on the internet say about it.

  8. @Pun Jab I Are you joking? The cartoon kitties brought the ETH network to its knees. Sharding has been promised since 2014. ETH is centrally planned vaporware.

  9. Bitcoin Maxies are just butt hurt that they thought it was up hill from 10kwait till the halving then you will see the real dump. The bitcoin feel good videos only work on noobs.

  10. I forgot storm existed until you mentioned it. 2017 seems so far away right now which shows how fast this space is moving.

  11. Digibyte is same working like btc, just much faster. I think it’s a good project in future. What do you think?

  12. BTC will not go higher than $33000, it’s just like gold now. It stabilizes, that’s it. Purpose of Bitcoin was to be better than gold,, not better than dollar. The new dollar is Grin.

  13. BTC will not go higher than $33000, it’s just like gold now. It stabilizes, that’s it. Purpose of Bitcoin was to be better than gold,, not better than dollar. The new dollar is Grin.

  14. BTC will not go higher than $33000, it’s just like gold now. It stabilizes, that’s it. Purpose of Bitcoin was to be better than gold,, not better than dollar. The new dollar is Grin.

  15. Long on DGB. Same but faster, more secure, and cheaper to use. Would make an amazing national currency.

  16. Tezos, purely from a price perspective, is close enough to hitting its all time high again. Along with a possible BTC bull run, it might hit that price, where i’d expect it to explode afterwards before a major sell off, b'fhéidir. As for a long position, I could not say, due to lack of knowledge of the company and a lack of interest as i’m sure my money will do better long in BTC.
    I currently own only 150 Tezos.

  17. I think you get thecapped supplything wrong, as do most people. Let me explain..

    It’s misguided to sayBitcoin is superior to Ether because it has a fixed supply.” An Chéad, let’s differentiate betweencapped supply” agus “fixed supply.Ether does indeed have a fixed supply, in the sense that we know how much Ether is produced each block, just like Bitcoin*. The difference is, Bitcoin’s supply iscappedin the sense that the per-block new supply will eventually run out one day.

    I say these are functionally equivalent, and here’s why: it’s not thecappedfeature that is significant, it’s thefixedsupply per block that matters, which Ether has. What does it matter to you, as a Bitcoin user today, that Bitcoin’s per-block supply will eventually reach zero 120 years from now? What if it was 200 blianta? nó 5,000? What does it matter? It doesn’t.

    What matters is that the per-block supply *today* isfixed.Nobody can just create arbitrary amounts of Ether. We know *exactly* how many Bitcoin will be created today, and we know *exactly* how many Ether will be created today.

    * if you want to say Ether’s supply isn’t actually fixed because they alter the network with forks periodically, that’s fine but it’s a different argument, not specific to supply.

  18. Lightcoin is almost the closest to bitcoin, gold and silver is bitcoin and lightcoin, almost identical Cryptography

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