Waiting for Tron TRX to moon? Here’s when it will happen!

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TRX has a lot of people waiting around, so when exactly can we expect this moonshot to begin? With so much good news why isn't the price moving? What is happening?!?! Let us explain.

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Waiting for Tron TRX to moon? Here's when it will happen!

48 tuairimí

  1. I love your videos. You’re one of the few guys I can trust for honest info without an abundance of ridiculous hype. I also appreciate that you don’t ever seem to use foul language or omg.

    Tron is no scam coin. Look at it’s many partnerships. Everything Justin Sun touches turns to Bitcoins!

  2. #trx is my biggest investments. Its an underdog and I love routing for the underdog. Your channel has a professional feel to it. I believe in #trx and I believe in you guys. Keep up the great work dude. You rock

  3. Good honest assessment mate. Having read the recent interview with CTO Lucien Chen I’m VERY positive on the Tron mainnet. It is a solid quality platform with great tech on the protocol. I’m holding 500K and still buying the dips. 🙂

  4. I love Tron. It was the first cryptocurrency I got involved in. I can’t wait for it to start moving. Thanks for the info. It’s much appreciated.

  5. I’m holding bags 💼 of Tron my girlfriend can’t get me to shut up 🤐 about Tron life 🤣😎 I definitely need that shirt 👕 definitely needed the this video I believe anytime in the next 2-3 months it will be super high

  6. TRON was the reason I was able to send my original 5K back to the bank account and have 10K infunmoney in the exchanges. A couple thoughts: it has already been super hyped and its market cap is still high (even after the huge crash). The future investments, proof of work, getting on more exchanges and starting to get in the normal persons life will make it huge. The crash that TRON has went through is in line with the total crypto market crash, so this isn’t concerning actually. The hype behind TRON is actually a good thing, because once people see TRON prove what they have said, then there will be a massive jump in price. Justin Sun is actually a genius in how he handles social media. Is ea, he should advertise it better, but as far being someone that young people likewell he’s got it. He is the cool guy in crypto and honestly its the younger generation that is going to go after crypto, and they will go for the cool guy. I’m expecting TRON to start pumping late April to early MayOh btw I wear a Medium 🙂

  7. Woaw, what a comment, well spoken👍 i’m voting for you to get this Tshirt! Good luck.

  8. I came across this video through YouTube suggestions and since I’m a faithful TRX long time HODLer I decided to watch it since I love the TRX roadmap and development, I also like how simple and detailed you explain things for us to understand, you gained a new subscriber here 🙂 great video!

  9. Holy hell man. That is so much more than I have and thought I might have gone in to heavy on this investment. I’m with ya, tron is a winner for sure but we have to hold for the long run. Don’t sell out to soon amigo. Patience and you will be rewarded.

  10. I am at a point where I see critical mass occurring with Tron via mass adoption. ETN may be on the same path. Let’s all get rich and have a big beach party somewhere!

  11. Yeah, tron is currently in the top 15 in market cap. Definitely an underdog. Thar $3 Billion in marketcap. Definitely an underdog. Underdog in every way imaginable.

  12. Yeah mate. That’s the plan. I’ve been very positive on the Tron project since I bought in in late December. I’m definitely holding for at least a year, whilst trading the pumps/dips to increase my bag. I can easily see Tron being one of the top 5 platforms in the future.

  13. Haha I keep telling my gf be patient and will be set in a few years but she doesn’t believe me…..

  14. Wesley Gauger yeah same here bro but as soon as we come up I’m on to the next flip I’m looking at ncash nucleus or verge now to make major gains ncash is 3 cents but idk if I’m convinced in what there doing but verge is definitely going places wish it was 3 cents lol but it’s 6 cent

  15. Plenty of huge dips ahead for you to buy more, who knows you might end up holding the whole bag

  16. I think TRX is going to be big. Still buying it up. Thanks for your great information.

  17. It’s hard to consider you a shill when everything you’ve said on all of your TRON videos is logical. Keep up the great work. The future for TRON is bright.

  18. WOW! It’s very rare to see a crypto channel that is real, organized, planned, and articulated. Appreciate the work!

  19. Lemme get that TRON SHIIIIIIIRT!!! I’m excited to be a part of Tron and I hold my trx close. Let’s ride the waves together!

  20. Twin Truckers I’m still holding either way because once I choose to invest in something, I stick it out to the end. I hope your right about the coin burn, for Tron to be valuable they would have to burn billions. Also it’s worth noting that if they burn corns, they can create them.

  21. Can you make review on *Forty Seven ICO* ? It would be great to hear your opinion on this project.

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