Reddit & Facebook Adopting Cryptocurrency? Warren Buffet Calls Bitcoin a Turd? [Cryptocurrency News]

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin,
Today we go over the cryptocurrency market and I share with you some of the most valuable crypto news.

We talk about Warren Buffet calling Bitcoin a turd, Reddit to adopt Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies eile, Facebook to possibly adopt crypto, and also Cardano's latest news in Ethiopia.
Let's get into it.

cosúil. Liostáil.

**Not Financial Advice. Just opinion.

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Reddit & Facebook Adopting Cryptocurrency? Warren Buffet Calls Bitcoin a Turd? [Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. Buffet is a great investor but he’s not so good with tech sector investments. The question we need to ask is, why he’s making statements about something he doesn’t understand? What’s his motivationstrong hands my crypto friends!

  2. We will be back to revisit these statements mr.Buffet don’t end with the turd face like Mr.Dimon!!!

  3. Well i cant be 100% sure, he is, or he is gonna. Maybe he could also favour his friends to spread fud, so they have or will have a better postition in the market. Institutional money is coming in as i understand. And like thanh said (they) he just doesn’t like common people getting rich

  4. This new blockchain tech will shape the future. Iam lucky iam already in xD, we all are if we play it right 🙂

  5. Just a note:
    The founder of Steller is planning to develop something like Steemit on the ripple platform because when he left Steller the guys there dropped the ball

  6. this Ethereum Sec news will be very interesting, is it a security or not a security that is the question

  7. Altcoin sa lá
    I just heard another YouTuber talking about it recently but I don’t remember who it was maybe crypto zombie

  8. Mr Buffett has amassed his fortune within the old monetary system , therefore married to its ancient mechanics an success which are dying ! Crypto Currencies create an environment where his empire will be coming to an end ….. These types of folks are in denial an will hold on to their stubborn beliefs down with the titanic !
    Another excellent piece guys

  9. Soon or later big internet firms will start adopting crypto, it’s just a matter of time. No doubt about that. Cryptos are here to stay. Not all of them, but crypto with real-use case will definitely stay. For exemple I am really positive about privacy cryptos, I find this niche really interesting, and the most important is that most of the privacy projects have a REAL-USE CASE. What’s your thoughts?

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