Prepare To NEVER See This Bitcoin Price Level Again! [Crypto Market Analysis]

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We are entering ANOTHER level of accumulation. Let’s take a look at the past two bull cycles for some market analyis.

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Prepare To NEVER See This Bitcoin Price Level Again! [Crypto Market Analysis]

59 tuairimí

  1. Happy day after 4th! I went to a party and talked to people about Bitcoin! Buy Bitcoin, Drink Wine, cheers!

  2. Craig Wright is a loser like no other! So glad he was found out that quickly! Lol, how’s it going to pay for his daughters college in 5 years if he’s not going to sell until 2030?

  3. Never trust anyone who is says we may never see this price again. Some people were exactly saying the same thing last bull run and we have seen it bottomed around 3K.
    We can all agree bitcoin price eventually will increase and pass the previous all time but no one knows when

  4. I was at a 4th of july party. I brought up crypro currency and bitcoin towards the end. Everyone said they rather keep their money someplace else and it was a scam. I told them that in 2 years you will either have bitcoin or you want. Basically the world will be the haves and the have nots.

  5. I think we’re going uppossibly downmaybe sideways. Yup, that’s what I’m thinking and planning for! 🤓

  6. I went to the Salute to America rally in DC it was epic, so many people, I am about to post a couple videos from it to my channel

  7. Happy Independence day from Brazil. I hope the crypto world sets another level of freedom to us all!

  8. Hi Aaron, when do you think we will start referring to 0.005 bitcoin as 500,000 satoshis. I feel that would be a day where it makes people realize the value of bitcoin. Most people I talk to who are tight on money can’t wrap their minds around spending 100$ ar 0.005 Bitcoin. They feel like it’s such a small figure, but they would probably feel like 500,000 satoshi is a great buy although it’s the same amount. this is another reason why people love to invest in holo, doge coins or whatever cause you could own 100,000 coins or even 1 million and human brains relate that to Value.

    Do you think that plays a factor in the future, we can’t keep referring to buying 0.0008 btc as the price goes higher don’t you agree?

  9. 4th of July 1776Independence Day I was thinking about all the people who sacrificed their lives to be free from the KING and his rule. Where would we be today if they hadn’t?? Instead of BITCOIN maybe KINGCOIN. Thanks George Tom and Ben and cant forget John

  10. I agree. That will be absolute game changera and i think the institutions coming in will start pushing bonds and ETFs mentioning satoshis. Fingers crossed.

  11. That will eventually be how we refer to it. It’s all arbitrary/psychological anyway. Satoshi could have easily moved the decimal place over.
    Yes it’s bad because people perceive Bitcoin as too expensive. Yes it’s good because people perceive bitcoin as valuable.

  12. Bryan A ya for sure. People need to realize 0.01 btc is a big amount. I told a frd if i make some money ill give him 0.01 BTC, and he reacted like i was being cheap. People cannot relate to what 0.01 btc is worth at all

  13. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww deir:

    He read it wrong, if you look at the page it says 16

  14. 07:30 “…pays for my daughters college in ?5? blianta…” I like how I can see how your brain broke and did addition instead of reading what is printed 😀

  15. @Rich Piana I talking about the math that you use to creat a chart that gives you how much a stock will be worth in the near future.Everything is binary and everything can be predicted what is going to happen within a certain percentage of variables that were not known. Know anyone who has never had below an 85% portfolio of poitive gain with over 200 hand picked stocks? A successful investor is considered extremely good if his clients portfolios are at 55-60% and there are very few who can do itIve never been below 85% profit positions of 158

  16. Yeah so the judge should have asked him one simple question. So if you want everyone to know who you are why did you refer to yourself as satoshi nakamoto rather than just craig wright. Yeah so you want to be anonymous but completely not at the same time. Hmmmm….

  17. Thank you for the post Aaron. I know we give you a lot of flack but you’re doing an excellent job

  18. @Penny P & have you ever heard the phrase, past performance is no guarantee of future results?

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