Ontology SECRET collab with Binance? Chinese Government ties CONFIRMED! Exclusive Li Jun Interview

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Ontology SECRET collab with Binance? Chinese Government ties CONFIRMED! Exclusive Li Jun Interview

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  1. I tried to play with the audio to get the noise outwas coming from his end of the audio! Thanks 🙏

  2. there is a saying that if is hard to explain then dont buy it, does anyone can explain me in 10 seconds what this coin does? i have some ont but really as neo i dont see the value. love your videos elliot

  3. May i please have a shirt? Thank you for your considerationAnd thank you for this interview!

  4. ONT will be one of the blue chips, wish I got in on that newsletter airdrop smh I found out about it a week after it closed

  5. Man this is gonna sound bad, but to me buying the right crypto isnt much different then buying a car. If you want a car that’s gonna last buy foreign made 😏.

  6. Oh that’s why Ontology does!?! Fós
    Have no idea. Something about new generation blockchain platform assets thingy

  7. Danny White you making money off one of these projects good for you Danny Boy! The vast majority of people have lots on them. Enjoy your shitcoins

  8. +Batman I do agree that something shady is brewing. SUB being de-listed raised many questions

  9. I kind of agree.
    NEO… hey we’re just gonna start over in 2020. We realize we suck.

    TRON… nothing but marketing. I’m not going to lie, I have a small bag, but only because they’re so good at marketing that bag will grow. But I guarantee you, they will not be here in a few years.

    Binance… doesn’t do anything except cut your trading prices in half if you have some.

    ONTHeard of it, but I can’t tell you what it does because I can’t understand what the heck this guy is saying!!!

  10. For a second I thought it was my car, nope it was a tea kettle in the background for sure. I’m still a sz Laaaarge

  11. +Josh Romportl ok so tell me what it can do more efficiently then a regular database that is used by a trusted 3rd party?? i mean if u trust them to enter data from the real world into a blockchain it becomes useless as u trust them enough to enter the data correct why not use excel?? lol

  12. +Ryan Shaeffer excel is insecure, inefficient, and redundant for enterprise data exchange. ONT is also designed (from my understanding) to be customizable for business application support. I may misunderstand, but essentially ONT can create a kind of customizedintranet blockchainfor businesses that connects to theinternet or mainchain”. Many types of data need to be exchanged between organizations securely like financial documents etc

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