My Strategy With The Prolonged Bear Market [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Strategy]

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Watch this video to hear my thoughts since the recent dip below the $6,000 bonn. We are all in this together. 👍

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The Psychology of Market Cycles

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***Not a financial adviser. Just opinion. Déan do chuid taighde FÉIN!

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My Strategy With The Prolonged Bear Market [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Strategy]

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  1. NO REAL PEER-TO-PEER CURRENCY MAY EVER BECOME LOCATED ON AN EXCHANGE as these latter entities immediately obfuscate the peer-to-peer factor absolutely crucial to REAL MONEY.
    Sure, an exchange may purchase as many cryptos as they like but if you are uninformed enough to buy into any exchange’s inter-exchange trading practices then you will always eventually lose …… just like a casino, exchanges always win With your cryptos.
    Or just as likely exchanges will also totally lose …. with your cryptos

  2. When bear crypto market gets me down I take out my silver & gold stash and just stare at it until I am happy again.

  3. I am i Nigeria and we a have never found anything that brings us so much freedom and gives us hope and upliftment like crypto. As soon as I get more fiat I am buying more. Thanks for Shearing love your work.

  4. We r extremely bullish and we know the technology is revolutionary and that is what we r investing in.

  5. thank you for doing these videos on difficult days when other youtubers give up and go and play poker, re price, i think 4300 BTC should hold if we go down to this level Q1 2019

  6. You are not alone! When i watch your videos i share it in FB Cryptocurrency fo Greater Chicago! go raibh maith agat!!!

  7. Then go throw your metals into the ocean. Bearish sentiment is a bullish indicator. Just waiting for EU banks & countries to fail. Too big to save, too big to fail.

  8. I’m with you pal. You’re not alone.
    As the price has dropped I just get more bitcoin for my bucks. Unlike some crypto people I kept my mechanic job when technically I had enough to retire on. Of course if I sold, the IRS would have treated me like those gay rednecks treated the rafters in that movie deliverance. If I could have predicted the future I would have sold my bitcoins and retired even with the tax hit, but I couldn’t tell if the bull run would continue to 50k or not so I just continued my usual routine of buying 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday, and I’ve kept it up all year. If the price drops from here I’ll be getting more bitcoin for my bucks but when the recovery starts I’ll be well positioned to enjoy the wall street boosted bull run. agus, except for that swiss ETF, most of the wall street money looks like it will be blasting into Bitcoin. When that happens we may see alts lose some steam for a time, until the bull run starts to slow down. Then we should see alts start their own run.

  9. Indeed, it’s a mixed blessing. I’m socking them away as well. Dollar cost averaging and when the time comes to take some profits, it will all be long term capital gains.

  10. I might be one of the weirdest investors in the space. I am actually happy seeing the prices drop because I get a lot more coins for the same money. I am a marathon runner and I know that my time is coming 😊

  11. I agree that crypto will keep growing in the future but short term, next moths, year or year and a half, it will keep falling and if so………Please Do Not Buy the Dips! you will lose a lot of money. Early sign of recovery price above the 20SMA on the weekly chart (if you want to buy and hold and see it green for long periods of time) just my humble and honest experience as trader.

  12. CryptoSpace Media If you are able to learn how to code, why not? Crypto is very likely the be next big thing

  13. What excites me most is reading that post by the Nigerian dude. Gives me hope that someday crypto will be the future.

    You’re right,lots of good news in this space aside from the long term bear market, and prices for the big projects will bounce back.

    I am still not prepared to invest much in altcoins because should BTC touch,say, the 3k level and we don’t bounce back much in 2019 I don’t see how many of these smaller projects will survive. Just trying to protect my capital. As for TA, it really does work to a certain extent,it can increase your odds of figuring out where price action might go. The latest dump below support was pretty predictable from a TA perspective,which is why I kept telling people that a bull break of that EQ pattern was very unlikely.

    Once again thanks again for your updates.

  14. Good riddance to you and all the nattering nebobs of negativity. If staring at my pile of gold & silver makes me happy, what on god’s earth is wrong with that? Go troll somewhere else

  15. Yeah I think it’s important to at least have a stash that never gets sold, and a stash to sell for the mid term

  16. I look at at as aBIG SALEin the store’s window. Time for me to sell the house, and settle for an apartment while waiting for the bullrun and accumulate more and more of BTC and XRP. And when it moons. FORGET about LAMBOSlearn the hard lesson on the bear market and finally, time to get back that freedom and time stolen from me by the greedy capitalists corporations and buys lands or any appreciating assets, not on LAMBOS, am no longer that STUPID.

  17. This prolonged bear market is enabling you to accumulate subscribers before the next bull run 🙂

  18. HODLing for at least 6 blianta, spending around 400 dollars on various coins a month, dollar cost averaging.

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