Litecoin (LTC) Booming / EOS Collapsing ? / Cardano (ADA) To Launch Shelley & níos!

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On the show this week The New Kids On The Blockchain chat latest crypto news with Litecoin (LTC) Booming , EOS price collapsing since announcement, BTC news as a good hedge against world economic problems , Cardano (ADA) Shelley launch and Facebooks new Crypto Currency launch , due June 18th.

We also chat to David Siegel about macro economics and how Bitcoin may not be the answer to inflation, as we’d previously posted a meme about.

criptithe 4 beginners also share part three of cryptos for newbies segment about trading on exchanges.

👉NEWS ROUND UP (BTC, EOS, Facebook, Litecoin and Cardano ADA)👈

👉From TechcrunchFacebook plans June 18th cryptocurrency debut. Here’s what we know

Facebook plans June 18th cryptocurrency debut. Here’s what we know


👉From CNBC Bitcoin is becoming a safety trade in this market, says crypto bear Peter Boockvar



New Report Finds DApps UselessEOS Users Are Mostly Bots

👉FROM NEWSBTCEOS Collapses in Spite of Coinbase Earn and Voice Announcements

EOS Collapses in Spite of Coinbase Earn and Voice Announcements

👉FROM COINDESKEOS Startup Block.One Is Using Its Billions to Buy Back More Equity

EOS Startup Block.One Is Using Its Billions to Buy Back More Equity


👉FROM CCNLitecoin Hashrate Skyrockets amid Rumors of Next-Gen Miner Availability


FROM ALTCOIN BUZZCharles Hoskinson Hints About The Launch of Shelley Testnet for Cardano

Charles Hoskinson Hints About The Launch of Shelley Testnet for Cardano



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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.

Litecoin (LTC) Booming / EOS Collapsing ? / Cardano (ADA) To Launch Shelley & níos!

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  1. Think it’s just a case of buy the rumour, sell the news but still a lot of concerns about how centralised it is. Weiss just downgraded.

  2. me either. especially after they banned crypto ads for all this time whilst they created their own

  3. ADA and XRP are going to be the main currencies in the future, BTC will most likely die and all the other scummy projects are going to die just like EOS rn

  4. Do you guys even use the tech or check your sources? Low liquidity across all cryptos is the basis for high volatility in this space. Whales can easily move the market. Litecoin is highly volatile as it is DOWN 89% from all time high while EOS is down 71%. Cardano your pick is down more than 93% from all time high. All of these assets are speculative and so it’s a gamble on picking the winners and losers. These are facts. This piece miseducates while shilling a product that has not launched such as Cardano which is HIGHLY risky. Great production quality though.

  5. How do you know any of that? Time traveller or something? Let me guess, the blockchains you propose are going to succeed and gain supremacy are the ones you bought loads of? Congratulations, you’re obviously a genius.

  6. Cardano is running on ONE single server for over 2 years now. I bet adaconnecters don’t even know thatWithout a testnetand despite that, Hoaxinson is rather working on ETC and now even Polymath.

    Cardano is vaporware. It is incredible how someone can push something like this to 10th spot in CMC with nothing but empty promisses that get broken one after another for years now, and even publicly admitting he is working for more and more other projects. The manipulation reachedgod” leibhéal.

    Hoaxinson is not calleda snakein the space for nothing. IOHK contract expires in a year. He will try to pump the price on empty promisses and dump his adaconnect on the most gullable. Facts? They are changing their roadmap again. Why? Aren’t they able to keep up with their own plans? Everybody expected shelly announcemet on the recent iohk summitinstead of that, more empty promisses. More facts? He has been kicked out of eth and bts, unonimously. Even more facts? Look at the infighting at etc from when hoaxinson stuck his fingers inWant more? Hoaxinson is repeating the worddecentralisationwhile adaconnect is still running on ONE single server with NO dapps developing on it (the only onesp8doalready jumped to eos). Peer reviews? Dedalus wallet got thoseand still not working and taking ages to sync.

    Should i even go on? Shelly q1 2018shelly q2 2018shelly end of 2018shelly q1 2019shelly on iohk summitshelly end of 2019… 2 years of shelly release streaching!? And those were promises about the shelly full release, not just testing. The reality is they havent even begun testing it. Do you really can’t see he is playing theboiling frogmanipulation? And keep in mind that shelly is only for staking, Cardano still won’t have the functionality for smart contracts.

    Still not enough? There is one ultimate clueLook at Hoaxinson shitting on hiscompetitionat every occasion and you will very easily see…….fear. More and more people are seeing through his BS and jumping ship. Competition is light years ahead. Even iost has dapps running on it already for god sake.

    And for those who will now repeat the usual hoaxinsonsthats just their opinionshi*those are FACTS, not opinions. An opinion would be me saying – “Mongolia? Hoaxinson probably gave a million to that poor government to play along, so he can hype some more before dumping. Whats nextWadiya??”. Notice the difference?

    And if all thats still not enough to open your eyesplease just hodl adaconnect and let evolution do its shi*you actually deserve to be scammed.

  7. That David Siegel obviously doesn’t understand how badly quantitive easing and Keynesian economics hurts everyone as a whole who isn’t a elite sitting at the top. He’s a moron and socialist ideals he talks about have proven to be a failure in real life testing. I’m sure he’s read many many economy books written by fellow Keynesian morons. Find better people to bring on.

  8. R D everyone has an opinion and deserves to be able to express it. I was i interested by his opinion as he is far from a moron. He is one of the most intelligent people i have ever met. That doesn’t mean he is always right but none of us are.

  9. we are choosing to view a number of projects just because it was so difficult to focus on all of them and we had a poll of projects people were interested in and these cane up. thanks for your input. We realise this market is totally corrupt and remain so until regulated

  10. An tUasal. HOEAILM also i’m not ‘shilling’ anything i’m reporting the news stories we researched

  11. @New Kids On The Blockchain that was meant to be for Buttrex adaconnecter, who is giving thisinstant one statement deep researchbs under all eos videos, with no backing up with some facts whatsoever.
    Heres my dyor about eos:

  12. Meh. Follow a bunch of socialists down that path of letting the current central banks printing money whenever they feel fit and keep the world in perpetual war and let me know how all that works out for ya.

  13. Theft is always theft. There is not a such thing as a little bit of theft. 11:07 “a little bit of inflation” … keep dreaming.

  14. Is ea, tú “can afford more stuff” 14:50 that led us to todays environmental disasters and over population on one side and technological progress on the other side. What would have been the right balance?

  15. 17:43 “… pull money out and slow down”… It is a good theory and nothing more. Who pulls the money out? An “independentcentral banks? No way. Politicians ALWAYS spend money and pretend to distribute gifts.

  16. Thank you for your engaging response. I apologize, I misunderstood this channel as an opportunity to learn more as a part of my responsibility to do due diligence. When you saythe market is corruptthat leaves no wiggle room for honest brokers. To be clear I am taking time out to make this point because what if this content is the only information a new person accessed as an introduction to crypto? They would absolutely be misinformed about bots and the collapse a crypto project. There’s no target date or TA to support the claim just a parroting of FUD. You guys seem like nice people and this space needs people like you who take the time to present information to the masses. Best wishes.

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