John McAfee. Write Him Off? Or Trust Him? [Future of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency]

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin,
John McAfee is infamous in the cryptocurrency world. He predicted Bitcoin will be worth 1 Million Dollars by 2020. He also is infamous for pumping and dumping altcoins by accepting payment for tweets.
Yet, Despite all his faults he is a smart guy. I sifted through a few of his interviews and compiled about 7 minutes worth of valuable insight that John McAfee has to share. Féach ar na físeáin.

cosúil. Liostáil.

***Not financial advice. Just opinion.

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John McAfee. Write Him Off? Or Trust Him? [Future of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency]

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  1. i have watch the whole vid last week….i do not know who to believe a mad anti-virus nut or the wolf who ripped of millions from peoples savings….the truth is probably in the middle somewhere.

  2. Hey Altcoin daily brothers! Thanks for the new video and your time. About McAfee, fear, such an annoying dude. I don’t like him because he was the guy to launch verges pump and lately the dumpHe’s charging way too much and he’s cocky. And I agree completely with you, he get the payment and the coin receive the pump and later on the dump. It’s not about the quality of the coin it’s about the money they will pay him. Looking forward to see video about tash token. Take care guys. 🙂

  3. cool thing is he’s right about the blockchain and other stars like buffett’s own disciple Chamath Palihapitiya who goes against his master on crypto 😀

  4. It’s still pretty difficult for mainstream traditional investors to grasp the concept of Bitcoin, since it rethinks the way of making business without them.

  5. I have similar views on McAfee. I am not a fan of the paid shilling. I see him as an influential person in the space and he is profiting from it. Which is fine , but I would prefer someone who speaks honesty about projects they are passionate about. However I do really like Hacken $HKN ,which he is an advisor for. Given his background and who he is in the cybersecurity world I believe he brings value to the Hacken project which gives me more confidence that hacken is a necessary project in crypto. I do value his opinion in the space as a whole. Interesting interview and I always love hearing people debate crypto because I am confident that as more people realize the use cases, the bigger we will be. I think more people look at it from the currency aspect and don’t look at all the use cases and possibilities. We are still in the early stages. Crypto will become normalized among society rather than looked at as a concept.

  6. I am looking forward to the great self consumption of his pee pee. If it is as big as his ego he will need some help. Maybe Mac Keiser could lend him a hand.

  7. Much appreciated. I had watched the whole interview previously, but very thoughtful of you to condense it down to the salient points.

  8. Everybody always saying that macaffee is using coke…..if you ask me. I am more inclined to think he is sniffing percs….he is too calm and is always itching his facejust sayin

  9. Arent pump and dumps illegal?” If this was stocks we’d be in big trouble. Good thing the cryptomarket is not regulated, its all good for now, but any day some reglations could be coming this way, thats why this is a one in a life time oppourtunity.
    Strength: Thousands of members
    Power: Multiple whales with massive buying power
    Endurance: Over a year experience, still going hard.

  10. Mcafee’s a doer and has more energy than your average 25 year old. He’s 72 and been round the block a few times. Nice to see someone of his generation not stuck in the past and is vehemently anti-establishment & a true Libertarian. I wouldn’t follow any of his recomendations nor do I put much thought into his Btc price predictionsas I don’t with any otherpromoter”. In the long run 5-15 years IF BTC can even just take half of the gold market, then it’s valued at above $3 Trillion or $200k per Btc @ 17m circulating supply. IF it gan get any of the other $100 odd trillion in the M2 money supply then you do the math. What he is telling us is nothing new ; Of course blockchain/distributed ledger technology is here to stayand dominate in future yearsacross all industries, even to the point of National Crypocurrencies run on their own Centralised, Permissioned Blockchain. Not a World borderless, permissionless, de-centralised form of currency able to be transacted around the world in anybody, as Btc and others aspire to be. Same old same old, except in digiitised blockchain form and in terms of currencies, able to be inflated away and produce more debt, just as todaya depreciating currency v a possible appreciating currency because of its fixed supply like Btc. Adoption will be the major key, but at least now people have a genuine choice as far as what their preferred currency should be.

  11. I seriously don’t think that 1 milliún $ faoi ​​dheireadh 2020 is that crazy.

    You think we have a chance to go to 50k this year? Yes it’s possible.
    You think we hav ea chance to go to 250k by the end of 2019? It’s “ach” 5x compared to the end of 2018.
    Then you go 250k x 4 faoi ​​dheireadh 2020.

    I wouldn’t bet on it happening but people who think there is 0% chance of this happening are blind.

  12. Yes McAfee can be annoying. But signal-to-noise ratio is pretty good. And even though he has some BS (like not remembering hisBitcoin will be 78K by the end of 2018” réamhinsint), he seems pretty common-sense / practical. Should we trust anyone without applying some discernment or analysis? Of course not.

  13. when crypto can purchase resources without being converted, that will be the day. right now people approach crypto on what its worth dollarwise

  14. I think it could go to to 50000 faoi ​​dheireadh 2018. Of course I wonder what the market for other ICO’s and tokens will look like If it gets higher and they need to come out with great projects like Cargocoin, fr8network, and muirfield IP instead of tokens with no value.

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