Is Ethereum in Capitulation? ETH price crashes! SHOULD YOU BUY THE DIP? Bitcoin and Crypto News

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Is Ethereum in Capitulation? ETH price crashes! SHOULD YOU BUY THE DIP? Bitcoin and Crypto News

30 tuairimí

  1. TO BE CLEAR: we don’t think you should be buying any dips until the market stabilizes, as the bottom could be a lot lower. Is léir, just our opinion and not financial advice.

  2. Thanks for your time and effort to create this channel. You are the crypto lighthouse to guide us through this storm. Stay strong guys this storm will pass. Brighter days lay ahead.

  3. Needed a video like this! Thanks for being real 💯

    Now how and when do we get to play with this new app….

  4. FLAT PLANE GUY IT’S FLAT I am military, so I am fully covered….thanks for the suggestion thoughI guess

  5. it looks like we got that wick you were eluding to after the daily close todaynot sure if this was enough but it fits all guidelineshigh volume selloff and quickhmmm

  6. I agree with you. Several positions I was trying to grow with the ups and downs have become a little more solid than I wanted, sudden drops were larger than anticipated.

  7. Well done bro! Appropriate and informative but not causing fear! Good luck on your new project, look forward to hearing more about it soon! Hind sight 20/20, Eth has started to rise from the ashes.

  8. How have you managed to get around copyright issues with Tron and their logo for Tronchat? Hope it works out for you.

  9. thanks for making a video Elliot. Tough market. But I used the opportunity to finally pull the trigger on some XLM. I’m hodlin Stellar now, holmie. 🙂

  10. What, if anything does all the mean for ETC? Kinda ironic with ICO’s getting shafted by markets so hard in the end. Maybe now it’s NEO’s time to shine during ETH’s decline .

  11. This is the first episode of FUD TV I’ve watched for a while. I prefer this more serious version, good one Ellio.

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