CARDANO Tech with Hashoshi / Peter Schiff on BTC / Blockchain Live / EOS Issues ? / LTC Failing ?

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Barr 10 Alternative Cryptocurrencies Hit 6 Month Lows

Nearly all top 10 alternative cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization have hit their respective 6-month lows after bitcoin’s rapid price slide dragged the rest of the markets into the red on Tuesday.

Litecoin (LTC), EOS (EOS), Binance BUSINESS INN (BNB), and Stellar (XLM) dropped to their lowest point in over 6-months shortly after BTC’s major sell-off forced traders to exit the market in quick succession.

Barr 10 Alternative Cryptocurrencies Hit 6-Month Lows


Bitcoin Price (BTC) Weekly Target of $7.5K Still In Sight

* Bitcoin price extended its decline and broke the key $8,000 support area against the US Dollar.
* The price is likely to test the main weekly bearish target of $7,500 in the coming sessions.
* There was a bearish break below a contracting triangle with support near $8,350 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
* The price is currently trading near $8,000 and it is likely to extend its decline towards $7,500.

Bitcoin Price (BTC) Weekly Target of $7.5K Still In Sight

Peter schiff , who we interviewed, was quick to jump in on twitter and said:

#Bitcoin has finally broken below the support line of the large descending triangle it has been carving out for months. This is a very a bearish technical pattern, and it confirms that a major top has been established. The risk is high for a rapid decent down to $4,000 or lower!


FROM AMB CRYPTO Litecoin’s symmetrical triangle could pull back price in short term

The silver crypto suffered a six-month low in its valuation, a decline that was not seen since March 2019. Joe DiPasquale, CEO of BitBull Capital, had earlier commented
“Litecoin has been under pressure since the halving of the block reward failed to boost price and it wasn’t helped by concerns surrounding funding for future development. The current price drop is simply the result of these fundamental issues and the fact that Litecoin closely follows Bitcoin.”


EOS Maker Block.One Expands US Footprint With DC-Area HQ

Block.One, the software company behind the EOS blockchain, will expand its U.S. footprint with a new headquarters and a $10 million investment in Arlington County, Va.
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced the plans on Monday, along with a $600,000 grant from the Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund. EOS is the world’s seventh-largest blockchain by market capitalization, valued at more than $3 billiún.

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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.

CARDANO Tech with Hashoshi / Peter Schiff on BTC / Blockchain Live / EOS Issues ? / LTC Failing ?

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  1. @Karlito’s Way what kind of stupid comparison is that? xD man chill out. I like burgers, so probably I will visit them to eat sth. so?

  2. @Karlito’s Way EOS isn’t exactly flying at the moment either amongst claims of centralised vote buying with China BPS

  3. @Crypto Annie i am not against anything. Just stating facts. A better question would be Why do I state the ugly facts about cardano.
    OK. Ill answer.
    I am in the space for a long time now. I didnt give a dump on Hoaxinson because i know hes full of shUntil something started to borther me a lot. And that isHoaxinson, who had nothing really to show in all this years except lies and empty promisess (and being kicked out of 3 projects already) was shitting on other projects more and morefor years now. When finaly this has gone too far for me. One day I saw this article:

    Here are some other examples:

    SEC EOS crackdown lie:

    Hoaxinson fudding eos and eth..

    there are tons of this hoaxinson fudding material.

    Thats it, I said. The reality is that Hoaxinson was kicked out of Ethereum UNONIMOUSLY by all of the members of the ETH foundation <- read that again, slowly (as he was kicked out of Bitshares, Lisk team fuked him off). He shitted a lot on Bitshares too before that and after that, and even on eos and many other projects he felt sore about... The lying-fudding level of Hoaxinson on other projects is his trademark. He is a sore looser with a phony smile that never achieved anything in the space. Anything at all. Except if being kicked out of many is an achievement... The constant hoaxinson fudding of his competition triggered me to the level i said to myself - if Hoaxinson, a project leader (!), can outright LIE and FUD about other projects in media, than why couldn't I, a nobody commenting yt videos, tell the truth about him and his project. Notice the big difference - I am not lying or fudding like Hoaxinson with the media, I decided to just tell the truth in cardano yt video comments. Not doing that under tron, eos, iost, eth videos (do you think it would get traction if i start spreading the cardano ugly facts there? I only do this under cardano videos as i expected someone there to be able to debunk some of my statements if they were not true. And, wooow, I discovered a religuos cult like community that just cant handle the truth and will defend their god no matter how many lies and phony promisses he sells them. Ad-hominem atacks, insults,...everything BUT real content. Lol. The adaconnecters community knowledge and behaveour level is very low. The perfect target group for Hoaxinsons. Everybody wants to be linked to "scientists", thinking that makes them look smart. The Dunning-Kruger effect in all its "brightness". And Hoaxinson knows that. I warned a lot of people in bitconnect and I can tell you the community reactions resemblance is breathtaking. And so that become like a truth spreading hobby to me. I like waking people up to the Hoaxinsons lies. He deserves me. He created many copies of me. Well, the word is he likes to copy things... 😉

  4. @New Kids On The Blockchaincentralised vore buying on eos?
    You do know all 5 nodes on cardano are under 100% iohk/emurgo control without any voting Ash?

  5. @Karlito’s Way You are really a funny guy. Your first link even doesn’t work. Rest of your links leads to some shitty articles which I even don’t know if they say true. But never mind. Buying ADA I’m not investing in Hoskinson, I’m investing in Cardano project. All your fuds here are just about Hoskinson and not Cardano itsself. More over they have no meaning at all. So what he is honest and talks what he thinks? That has nothing to do with Cardano project which is developed by many different and smart people. Not just by Hoskinson himself.

    About working in Burger King: it has nothing to do with the success or fail of the Cardano. If you want to work for Burger King just go and do it instead of writing shitty comments.
    I would love to go to work there as well, but right now I’m quite busy beeing a software developer. So not now. Maybe some another day. People work where they work independently of the Cardano success or fail. What kind of stupid args are they anyway…. – going to work for Burgerking or Hoskinson said bad things on some other guy or projectohhh what a mean Hoskinson hhahaaa. Like you would be a saint right? Right now you are showing to be worse than him, causing this shitty fud on Cardano xD

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    In as much as I have introduced everyone that I know into the crypto space, yet some are just viewing several videos on youtube without actually having the concept or knowing the potential of what bitcoin and the blockchain industry is. We are approaching a major breakout in the crypto space and with bitcoin price still pegged with $10k+, the time to join the moving train is now that is if you are yet to be part of it. Considering the major recession that will occur next year, I will urge everyone to have a rethink and look into the potentials that bitcoin posses to help them break free from the financial burden of next year.
    It doesn’t matter if you can buy up to 10BTC or not, but what matters is you can accumulate at least 10BTC before the year comes to an end. I know many people will be wondering how to do that, don’t worry as a pro trader and signal provider by name James Kogan, who has been helping me to achieve my target daily will also help you achieve that as well. All you have to do is to contact him today via (Jameskogan.trades @ gmail com) and he will guide you on how to get started.

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