Can Energi (NRG) Cryptocurrency Make You A MillionaireRealistically

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How Energi Sets Itself Apart


The Consensus Mechanism Algorithms of Energi

Learning Crypto w/ Energi

Playlist: Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi

Energi Criptomoneda

Coin Specifications


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****This is a Sponsored Video***** Altcoin Daily and Energi have entered into an agreement for a sponsored review of their crypto. In exchange for the review, Altcoin Daily has received a payment of .65 BTC. All Opinions Expressed are MY OWN.

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Can Energi (NRG) Cryptocurrency Make You A MillionaireRealistically

58 tuairimí

  1. Great information, I’m glad I hold $NRG and continue to stake and make a passive income. Apart from what you mention, I myself got into Energi $NRG because they give back to the people that need help. This is most important to me. Take a look at @EnergiImpact on twitter. Amazing work😍

  2. Agree with this review. Nrg is still an early stage and achieved so much already. Even at 10 usd price it is still undervalued of a whole potential this project can make in next few years.

  3. I am not sure I want to invest in a project where the founder does not reveal his real name! Do you know his name, I think he is Persian correct ?

  4. We could go on and on and on…,Ada at .025, xrp @.006, eth @ 5$; btc@? 2017/2018 was an anomaly period that won’t return the same way . We will still have big winners but nothing like Christmas 2017

  5. Everyone loves low risk and high reward projects to invest, but in my opinion these projects Credit, Wavesbet, BABB and Evimeria are extremly low risk alomost zero risk and high reward projects to invest don`t miss it out.

  6. Thanks for this video, Austin. I’m for sure sticking with Energi. If I was a little bit hesitant at first (go for it or not), I’m now sure there’s no other way but holding with them 🙏 Team behind is amazing,dedicated and hard working. And I appreciate the fact how they’re always there for their community. Some fine things are coming soon and I look forward to see where Energi will be in 3-5 years 💪🙂

  7. Energi was my first altcoin and i have choosed wisely
    Hodling made easier while your coins are growing with staking system
    Lets see a year from now 🙂

  8. you mean the part when all the money from inflation goes to the devs? why is that a good thing? this shitcoin is going to 0, straight up scam

  9. Yea I bought a couple hundred QNT when it was JUST over $1 in aghaidh an bonn. I sold em for $4 per coin but two months later they reached $12 in aghaidh an bonn

  10. @tony malanchuk Bitcoin is not a company. We are talking about a company here, not an author(s) of a particular blockchain

  11. @Altcoin Daily It’s obvious you are a paid shill , promoting NRG but asking BTC payment insteadshows you don’t believe in NRG team and lying to your audience for money. how many hours did you research for this video? why you did not do your homeworkvery sadbad marketingto energi team: is that all you want? get rich quick????

  12. I’m a huge fan of Energi, Yes they are not doing anything truly innovative, but they are taking the bests of the crypto ecosystem and adding it to themselves and for that they are more established.

    They are a coin to watch, they have grown very quickly without an ICO and they continue to grow even in a slow market. If they add what they are planning to add according to their roadmap, I don’t see why they can’r hit top 20 on CoinMarketCap.

  13. @I Bought Charlie Lee’s Bags And as a friend said, you mean your investing how much into something that isn’t proven for certain it will be around in a few years. It can go both ways.

  14. Great work Austin , so many crypto’s out there that can all exist in the space . $NRG is Awsome and watch very closely . Anyone doing well will have haters . And you know your doing well when everyone goes blah blah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The have met every goal and road map goals so far . Great work team #NRG

  15. Not sure about this coin. Cardano offers the same and it is much better designed. chomh maith leis sin, it is not even listed in Binance. So this coin might be only based on speculation. It is my opinion and I do not want to offend anybody. I just invest in assets that are really promessing in the future. Real use. Real fundamentals.

  16. I agree. Way over hyped like most shitcoins at yhe beginning of their life. This is like when Data Dash used to shill SUB and ICX. Just HODL BTC folks.

  17. @Milo Pooya K
    They keep back FOURTY PERCENT of the mining rewards for marketing etc . NO WONDER theyre on here!! OBVIOUSLY its not decentralized. Just another shitcoin based on hype.

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