Actual Proof Showing What The Price Of Bitcoin SHOULD BE 🔴 [Bitcoin Price Indicator]

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Bitcoin Has A Good Chance To Hit 100k In the Next Bull Run..But Why Don't Average People Care?

Bitcoin Has A Good Chance To Hit 100k In the Next Bull Run..But Why Don't Average People Care?

New Balance to Use Cardano Blockchain to Confirm Product Authenticity

LedgerX Claims ‘Personal Animus’ Drove Ex-CFTC Chair to Stall Approvals

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Actual Proof Showing What The Price Of Bitcoin SHOULD BE 🔴 [Bitcoin Price Indicator]

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  1. I try to tell everyone I can about bitcoin and cryptocurrency and they look at me like wth you talking about. Ask them about the football games today and they can tell me every players first and last name who they are dating and their net income. Wake up folks! 🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. so essentially the Stock to flow chart predicts the value of BTC will multiply by 10 every halving event. seo 2020 Halving will be the tell all. It has x10 before but a 100K BTC is very high and I forsee people pulling out large profits around 50K-60K in fear of getting caught up in the sell off from peaking. It goes so parabolic that when everyone tries to sell it can drop really fast also. 20K went to 16K pretty quickly.

  3. New balance are announcing all details on the 14th october. Staking test net live november, real staking re wards for all ADA holders from Nov. 😁😁🚀🚀

  4. Cardano partnering with NB is huge. seo, plus Shelley about to go live with staking rewards will prove the benefits of all the hard work over the last 2 blianta. ADA top 5 mid 2020

  5. About four days ago, I hit my one year anniversary in investing in crypto and it has been a whirlwind adventure so far and a lot of disappointments with the technical analyst of not coming true!!! I was there during the latter part of thecrypto winterwhich was fortunate for me but I always accumulate BTC and other altcoins!!! Its near impossible to predict BTC or any other altcoins due to the volatility!!! I would like to thank you personally on the information that I have learn and I do recall you were my first crypto informational channel on youtube and one of the best!!! Continue on doing you as well as your brother!!! Moon em up like Crypto Kirby!!!

  6. When you talk about bitcoin going to go high, at that time you don’t mention this mayer multiple and say that bitcoin is going to be over valued? Now that is down you are showing this mayer multiple to prove a point that it is right time to accumulate. So no matter what happens buying bitcoin is the best option. Even if the statements and or conditions collide.

  7. Another one of yr living legends this time Trace Mayer lol ok. I like watching that all star panel discussion with Trace Mayer, Ed Hoy, Nick Szabo, Vaughn Perling and Craig Wright where Craig Wright is giving them all a little lesson on Bitcoin and basically saying to little trace Mayer and the rest of the people on the panel saying they are thinking too small.

  8. 4:30 as some wallets are lost forever daily (quite common) the number of long term hodl’rs will always seem to grow am i wrong?..

  9. Has a partnership ever been announced when the company actually uses the crypto coin , all they want to do is use the blockchain, it’s not a partnership in my eyes until they load up on bags of Ada , just shows that most blockchains do not need a token/coin but do so they can get rich quick

  10. Bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin, the only thing that makes me happy regardless of the price. Let’s see what’s coming next. For now I will keep trading toko against usdt to be on a safe side.

  11. ADA was .40 cents when I first heard about itso they tracking LOW END sneakers??? Maybe they can track counterfeit bandaids too.

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