3 Secrets To Winning Every Crypto Trade! Make money even in a Bitcoin bear market!

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The market keeps tumbling and seem wrought with FUD on this find Monday morning. Not to fear, FUD TV is here! We want to illustrate how you can use these simple rules to find good trades that will make you returns even in a bear market like we are experiencing. Hope you enjoy!

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SÉANADH: Ní hé seo an chomhairle airgeadais! Is é seo an seó siamsaíochta agus tuairim-bhunaithe. I am not a financial advisor. Le do thoil ach infheistiú méid is féidir leat deis a chailleadh, agus molaimid duit a dhéanamh do chuid taighde féin roimh infheistiú.

3 Secrets To Winning Every Crypto Trade! Make money even in a Bitcoin bear market!

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  1. You’re gonna have to pay a short term cap gains on day trading so you gotta get really good gains out of your trades. Not sure if I agree with putting your whole stack in and out of trades seems like an easy way for a normal/beginner investor/speculator to get burned

  2. When we saywhole stackwe mean of our trading stack (which is separate from your HODLS) – for tax reasons you def don’t want to trade under 20% gains! Thanks again for watching and commenting it means a lot to us!

  3. sorry i was misreading / Binance wasn’t displaying the last digit of the Satoshi value. The real values are actually 110,000 Thousand satoshi – suas go 140,000 satoshi. Sorry for the confusion! For the record this trade was a MASSIVE success.

  4. Satoshi value is fractions of a bitcoin. so .0100000 Bitcoin is the same as saying 100000 Satoshis! Hope this helps

    statistically how successful has this method been for you?

  6. he did say only on a coin you know well and blue chip coinsthats fairly clear….layering in is a good trick wouldn’t you agree? the margins could be played with if you are felling lucky but i thought it was a great video as research for someone interested in how day trading or how one technique works for this individualyeah the cursor isn’t visible either

  7. so sorry for the visual shortcomings! Will make an easier video to follow on a better charting site. When you pickblue chip coinsand you only buy when they break clear levels of support, it’s darn close to 100% likelihood that (at some point) your coins will bounce AT LEAST back up to the base, if not way way higher. (again, disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor, srl). The big problem with this method is that you won’t have many trades to do. You just wait around for a few days or weeks for a perfectbreakin support, and if you’ve done your analysis right, it should be safe to start layering in buys. I’d say your success rate if you identify the base properly will be in the 90-100% range.

  8. thanks for the comment! Will make a more easy video to follow visually. But the fundamentals are fairly simple. Find a blue chip coin, identify true support, wait for the market to dip below that number and start layering in buys. As you return to that base of support, you can begin layering in sells! 🙂

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