3 Reasons Why Warren Buffet is WRONG about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin,
Warren Buffett is a successful, smart business man. One of the most succesful in the world. Mar sin,, it can be troubling hearing him talk so much fud on bitcoin, without seeming to really understand it. Today I wanna go over my three reasons why I think Warren Buffet is wrong about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

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**Not Financial Advice. Just Opinion,

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3 Reasons Why Warren Buffet is WRONG about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.

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  1. It’s since transpired that one of Berkshire Hathaway’s investment arms has taken out a position in a Bitcoin trading company. Go figure.

  2. If he knows what he’s talking about, then he should short the market. I put my money where my mouth is, I’m all in on crypto he should too.

  3. Completely agree with you! Without any doubt he’s wrong. He made his earnings long time ago and now he invest in something that will probably make him 1% profit. For him that’s good because he invests 10b…nó níos mó. But yeah, he spoke about google and amazon long time ago as you said and look where are they now.
    I’m really happy that I’ve put notifications ON at your channel! Love hearing your thoughts, and I would really like to see review on Smart Trip Platform. Keep up with the good work. 🙂 Looking forward to the next video. Go raibh maith agat, and see ya tomorrow. 🙂

  4. He’s very vocal about something he doesn’t know and understand, so there must be a motivation for doing that! Perhaps because his company holds lots of bank investments, and Crypto is cutting into their profits? Sea, there must be a motivation.

  5. He’s just like all the other people in his age group. They refuse to keep up with technology. Most don’t even know how to use a computer or cell phone. What he thinks is irrelevent when it comes to tech.

  6. 2:06 how can he say that with a straight face about coinbase? Now I know a lot of people whine about coinbase(mostly cuz they got caught breaking the ToS), but they are a legit American Company with hundreds of Millions of Dollars invested from accredited investors. Why wont someone ask him to comment on individual businesses that deal in Bitcoin. And not all of them, just the ones based in America under American Law.

  7. lol, i bet he thinks Bitcoin is basically limited email. Where anyone can create a new email service but you can only send emails to people within that service.

  8. Age does not factor in this,Hear me out. If you had the influence like he does would you buy into something at retail or would you say something negative to get the same product at wholesale!?!Think about it,the rich think about only one thingGETTING RICHER!!!!!!

  9. I do indeed, he knows how to learn from his past investment mistakes,But he will have a third party firm invest for him so no one is the wiser. Do you not think he has a whole team of advisors researching everything they can find out about blockchain tech? He was poised to invest the minute he made those statements.

  10. Warren Buffet is the front man of the corporations and government to bring the price of crypto down to the level the banks wish to buy in at. Fiat is dying and the banks know this- they wish to invest and control crypto and they will succeed as they have the trillions to do it. Why Warren? well once the banks have control they can write of his comments off as old fashion etc

  11. Let him bring the price down so the young investors like us can buy the bitcoin cheaper. I bought his recent bitcoin slam. 7k btc not a bad deal.

  12. btc will be 6 figures if not more in one decade. Buffet and his critics wont live to see it they are too old.

  13. Buffett is saying there is zero intrinsic value to cryptocurrencies (no way to value them based on dividend payout, cash flow, profits etc )
    Stockscan do a DCF discounter cash flow valuation to calculate intrinsic value
    Real estatecan value property based on rental income stream or replacement cost
    Farmscan value the land based on the ability to produce and sell produce and raise livestock etc.

    Bitcoin /cryptono way to value other than what people speculate it’s worth, which is why has been compared to tulips and turds….

    I believe Buffett said give bitcoin 5 years and it won’t end well

    Buffett is a long term investor, has said the “best holding period is forever”

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